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                                             In Memoriam...




The Gates of Heaven were guarded by St. Peter. Four canine friends approached and stood waiting for permission to enter. They were asked for an account of themselves. The Poodle was first and, leaping forward proudly, he said, "I am the showman, winning many prizes for my beauty. See how fine I am? There was none better than I in my prime. I was my master's pride and joy." He demonstrated his fine show stance.

 Next, the Labrador, black and glossy: "I am the Field Champion, keen for the gun, never missing a bird. I worked hard for my master." Then the German Shepherd, keen and alert. "I guarded my masters, keeping them safe. No strange foot trod the paths without my permission. They feared not with me around."

"And you sir," said St Peter, "come forward to me. What of you?" The dog replied, "I am a Beagle, maybe not so good, I confess. I pursued the cat, fell to temptation, and stole food. I forgot to return to my masters' call, leaving them to worry, then showed my disapproval at being left alone by chewing their shoes. Oh, and there was also my bad habit of barking at the garbage collectors...." "But what did you give them?" asked St. Peter. "What did I give them? I gave them light in their eyes and laughter in their voices." St. Peter opened the gates and waved the Beagle through.




(June 6, 1996 - April 9, 2008)

Snoopy was born June 3, 1996.  He came into my life 3 weeks later. He was my immediate best friend. My mother, Jean, held him  when we first got him as I drove home.  He was like every other Beagle puppy- playful, curious, and loving. He was so nosy, too!!! He once chewed up the end of my bible. The whole binding was gone!!!! God forgave him. =)

Snoopy was always there for me. He always knew when I was sad. I would lay on the couch with my spirits down, and he would come and lay on the floor next to the couch and be there with me. He knew when I was happy. He would jump up and beg to go outside and run around and "howl". You all know that awesome beagle howl.

He even adjusted well when I got married. Snoopy was 8 years old when I got married. And my wife had 2 kids of her own and then we had one together as well. But Snoopy loved them too.

Snoopy and my bond was so strong. Still is. I would come home from work and go down into Snoopy and my room (finished basement) to get away from the kids and just be us for awhile. He would see me come down, and then roll over whimpering and whining for me to pet his tummy.

Today, I lost my Snoopy. He was losing a lot of weight and they were sedating him to check his teeth for infection. He didn't make it. Then come to find out my Snoopy had cancer. Everywhere. So I feel that God spared him any more pain and suffering

.Snoopy was "contagious" to all my friends. I have been on the phone all day telling everyone he knew the sad news. Almost all of them cried. He was such a loving little guy. And he will be missed. But forever in my heart.

- The Steelmans of Missouri
Michael, Jen, Dylan, Abby, and Cailyn


Penny and Buddy







         - The Ryans of New Jersey
        Jeri & Toby


Beloved Winifred

    (March 21, 1992 - May 10, 2007)

                It is almost a year
                 Since we had to
            We love you just as much
              And miss you even more
            My sweet little Beagle Girl

                ...Your loving family

      -The Coombs Family of Pennsylvania



(Adopted April 11, 2000 - May 12, 2008)

A year and 2 days after our Winifred passed, her best friend Lisa followed. They were so close for 2 older females who did not meet until their golden years.

I saw a photo of Lisa (whom we named after the Green Acres character) in the local paper as "pet of the week" at the local SPCA. Her description was "Senior Beagle, sweet and gives paw". That is all it took. It was love at first sight. She and Winnie clicked right at the shelter.

What a treasure adopting an older dog can be! Lisa went through many changes, trusting us more each day. We never got a kiss from her, which still remains a mystery. She was a hunter, before she became a stray. She bayed like music.

Her and Winnie slept together, on top of each other. Lisa gave Winnie a daily eye, ear and facial cleaning whether she wanted it or not!

About 3 weeks ago her appetite started to fail. The trip to the vet revealed an enlarged heart and liver. The meds only made her sicker; we couldn’t let her live that way.

What is life without a morning egg? She is now with her best friend.

Lisa, aka Low Rider, Bot-Bot, Botski, Pretty Girl... we will see you again someday.

Our hearts are empty without you.

Your family

-The Coombs Family of Pennsylvania



(January 27, 1999 - April 26, 2008)

About 3 years ago our rescue organization received a call that Lady needed a foster/adoptive family, as her owner was falling ill. Turns out, Lady was 20 lbs. over weight and couldn't walk. All 4 legs collapsed, and she was walking on her ankles/wrists. In her new home with me, she lost the weight, but her legs never healed, making it difficult to walk.

After 2.5 years of trying to help her, we gave her back to God.
I miss her so much every day, and can't wait to see her again.

- Elizabeth Logan of California





 (January 14, 1999 - October 20, 2007)

Montana came into our lives on April 24, 1999 at fourteen weeks. We had Dakota who was 1 ˝ at the time and decided he needed a buddy. We had no idea that two beagles were much more than twice the work of one. We also had no idea of what joy Montana would bring to our family's life.

While Dakota is a fairly typical stubborn beagle, Montana was an Angel in a
Beagle's body. Everything he did was to please us. Even when stealing our
freshly cooked dinner, we were able to find joy in his antics. It just
didn't matter; you couldn't look at him without smiling. No matter where we
went, everyone wanted to love Montana. He loved his car rides, his walks,
his soccer games and his hotel stays.

He was know by many names, "Tanner", "Tan-Man", "Boo-Boo", "Bear", "Son" and
every combination of those. They sounded so stupid and but I didn't care,
Montana was mine. My favorite was "Montana Banana", after a horse that I
had to bet in the Breeder's Cup because of his name. The dumb bet paid off
at 22-1.

Montana was a big boy, about 17 inches tall and 43 pounds. He slept in between my wife and me, under the covers with his head on his pillow (OK, my wife's pillow). He was one of us.

I woke my wife every night when I climbed into bed, reminding her that God has sent us an Angel to look after us and teach us about unconditional love. I knew he was special; we were to learn from him. He truly changed our lives.

Montana didn't let us know he was sick. He appeared perfectly healthy until one day. He started coughing and the vet said his x-rays weren't good. Every day he was weakening, but still loved his walks until almost the end. Ten days later, after spending every minute with my Angel, after being poked and prodded almost every day, he was ready to go and we said goodbye. I can truly still feel him in my heart; he is closer to me than ever. I lost my best friend after less than nine years. They were truly the best nine years
of my life.

We will always love you Montana.

- The Marowitz Family of California
Matt, Laura, Brittany and Kelsey




(March 15, 1999 - May 3, 2008)

We promised our daughter that we'd get her a dog sometime between her 12th & 13th birthdays - & we were pretty sure we wanted a Beagle (Not too big, not too small, short-haired & I'd had a Beagle & a Beagle-mix growing up). My husband came home from work one day in March of 1994 & told us that one of his co-workers had a litter of Beagles & we could buy one of them.

We picked Andy up one fine day in May & he bayed all the way home He never did stop "talking" - in fact, he had so much to say that by last summer he'd strained his vocal chords & was permanently hoarse! We called him the Energizer Beagle (same attitude as the bunny & even more energetic!) He loved to take us "hunting" - at least, that's what we assumed he was doing at his end of the leash. He kept our yard free of squirrels, birds, rabbits, & any other critter that ventured in. He had a special hatred of school buses - especially the one that picked our daughter up every morning for years. One morning he even insisted on inspecting the contents of said bus before he'd let my daughter get on.

When he was young, we often found Andy in the middle of our dining room table - scarfing down whatever was there to eat. One year at our Passover Seder - we were going through the list of plagues & had just gotten to one about "wild beasts" when someone looked up & saw Andy happily humping a pillow. Perfect demonstration. So - we joked every year afterwards that Andy had to demonstrate the Plague of the Wild Beasts for us.

We found a wonderful kennel where we boarded Andy when we traveled. One time when we came to pick him up, we walked into the office with one of the teenage employees. She asked us what kind of dog we had & we said "a Beagle". She told us that they had so many Beagles that week that they'd had to label the cages. I suggested that they probably didn't need to label MY Beagle's cage & she responded that I must be Andy's Mom. Yup - Andy "talked" up a storm when he stayed there.

We found out last August that Andy had cancer - & decided that we didn't want to put him through any of the aggressive treatment options we had (none of them sounded like good choices for such an active dog) --- so our decision was to keep him comfortable as long as we could. When the tumor got infected last week, we knew that was "it." He'd had a good, active life & was happy & alert up to the very end. Right now we think it's way too quiet in our house - no one to talk to or pet or to be under foot.

-The Fields Family of Washington, D.C.


    Penny Lane

    (1994 - 2007)

    Once I held within my hands
    All the riches of the earth
    Contained in the luscious, thick fur
    Of your coat,
    Pushing my fingers through the softness
    That was you
    And smiling
    To watch you revel in the comfort of my touch.
    Now I am bankrupt of that treasure.
    You have gone from me.
    And I am lost now


   To the adventures we once shared,
    Lost to the Time we once had,
    Lost to the simple comfort of your kind eyes upon me.
    Your gaze will no longer rest here
    For you have turned your gaze upon the eternal
    And closed your eyes to this earth;
    I shall never see you again
    But in my memory and dreams,
    Where touch never becomes real
    And your warm breath panting lightly on my cheek
    As I press forward to caress you
    Will never warm my face again.
    You were an anchor of comfort to me
    At every crossroads,
    At every stormy time,
    At each moment of fear –
    Until the end
    When it was fear of losing you
    That I had to face.
    Even so, you persisted;
    You would rise to follow me
    Even just to another room,
    Simply to be,
    To live, still, in my presence.
    Oh, my Pen!
    Where have you gone?
    So permanent a resident in my home
    You seemed,
    So constant in my life;
    So eternal…
    How can you withdraw from my grasp
    In all the days we shared together
    You never left me alone;
    Always present,
    Always by my side,
    Lying quietly or pressing your nose into my palm,
    You had chosen me as your person
    As I had chosen you as my dog.
    And you didn’t even want to stay outside
    To enjoy the sunshine of a summer day
    Unless I was there with you.
    All those miles we traveled together...
    So many walks with you panting as you trotted along,
    Sniffing your way through a tour of
    A world hidden to me,
    Or sometimes I carried you to spare your paws
    The hot bite of the pavement.
    I cannot believe it’s over, Penny.
    I cannot believe we’ll walk no more
    Exploring forests or streets,
    Wherever fancy would take us.


   I cannot believe that you are gone
    And I remain
    To continue in this life without you.
    But you have pressed into my heart,
    You have pushed its walls to enlarge them,
    Made me stronger,
    More open,
    More loving,
    More patient and kind.
    You have gentled me,
    By depositing yourself in my heart,
    A richer investment than any bank could know.
    There you have always rested
    And each day I have grown to hold more of you
    Until at the very end
    I could hold you in my arms to say goodbye.
    And for that I am the richest person alive
    Even though I am now

- Michele Krause of New York



Madison Mae Martin
In Loving Memory

(Adopted May 23, 2004 - May 20, 2008)


Maddie weighed 50 lbs. when we first got her out of the shelter and she could barely      walk/breathe/lay down. After many tests we found that her heart was enlarged and so was her liver. She was on all sorts of meds to help her with that, then her thyroid stopped working. Much to her disgust, we got about 15 lbs. off of her in the course of a year or so and she was such a happy little girl after that. She was down to 29 lbs. at the end.

Our sweet Maddie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. Her little body was shutting down due to Diabetes that could not get regulated and her back leg was causing her excruciating pain. We all fought a hard battle for her. But having already gone through 2 luxating patella surgeries, she had been through enough. And more surgery on her leg was out of the question due to so many other underlying medical issues with her liver, heart and kidneys.

We were blessed to have had her in our family and part of our pack. We gave her kisses and told her how much we loved her as she passed.

She taught us a lot about unconditional love and zest for food and life.

Maddie (also affectionately called "Mad Dog" by loved ones) is painfully missed by all of us.

- Sue Martin and Family of Kansas



The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has published an excellent
article on coping with the loss of a loved pet.
You can view it by clicking here.





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