I am grateful to our Beagles, Diesel and Marvin, for all the doors they have opened for me since coming into our lives.

I've met amazing new friends, both in person and online ... through training and rescue, searching for online advice, and meeting fellow dog-walking neighbors I never knew existed.

I've had many amazing experiences ... watching the boys light up as they learned a new trick, sharing their enthusiasm for nature on walks and visits to the dog park, feeling the sense of teamwork as Marvin and I whiz through an agility course. I've even being given a travel writing/photography assignment at work because a co-worker appreciated the style of my "Beagle blog".

I've shared the joy of Beagle parenting with my husband, increasing our connection. Most of all, I've felt my heart grow in size ... feeling daily doses of unconditional Beagle love, not to mention the laughter, pride, and all-around fun our boys have brought to us.

They aren't just our dogs. They have entwined themselves so deeply into the fabric of my life that I am forever changed ... and forever grateful for it!

- Jackie Ratcliffe

We are very thankful for all your work on the website. You bring a smile to our faces every time we go to it. So glad you corrected the Norman Rockwell "deficiency" on the Thanksgiving-themed home page. How could you NOT have two Beagles at the table for Thanksgiving?!

- Jacqui Barnett, Phoebeís Mom

I am thankful for... my two little girls, Booger (5 years) and Hanky (4 years)-they have taught me how to relax and have fun.

- Gretchen L. Lindsey

I am thankful for people who open their hearts and homes to senior Beagles in need.

- Elaine Taillon

I am thankful for... my Beagle Samantha. She was diagnosed with parathyroid disease last April and is still hanging in there and doing well. The vet is amazed that she really does seem to be defying the odds.

- Lynne Piacentini

We are thankful for...

Silky Beagle ears to rub against our cheeks.

Sheets that don't show the dog hair too bad, but can be used for nests quite nicely.

Howls of happiness when pulling in the driveway.

The "thump-thump-thump" of a tail as you walk into a room.

Snores loud enough to shake the walls and set off motion detectors.

Mostly we are thankful for our hearts being big enough to try and make up for others, despite not always being able to save them all. And the hearts of those we do save being big enough to forgive and forget and love us always...... despite ourselves.

-S Dodd

I have had my beloved Benny for nearly 3-1/2 years now. I adopted him from a shelter in 2004 when he was about 3 or 4 years old. I have known for about 2 years that he has a heart murmur. One of our vets told me it would be better if he never has to have any procedure involving anesthesia because of the murmur. Benny and I take a daily walk, about 1.5-2 miles.

He continues to be energetic and enthusiastic, every day looking forward to his walk. I brush his teeth daily to prevent his ever needing another dental cleaning (which would, of course, mean anesthesia). He is also in great shape weight-wise (about 35 pounds), and gets only doggie treats -- no table scraps.

Benny is incredibly loving -- he loves me, his family, and all of life. I am grateful every single day for my precious Honey Boy!

- Luana Luther

Let me begin by saying, how wonderful the Beagles-on-the-Web site is. I've viewed it faithfully Monday thru Friday for the past 2-1/2 years. That is when my husband and I got our Beagle princess, Leia.

This Thanksgiving we really have something to be thankful for. When we purchased her from a supposed "reputable breeder", she looked so sad. When we took her to the vet when we got home and she had a horrible case of coccidia. We nursed her to health, but she developed Separation Anxiety.

The jury is still out as to where she got it from, but my guess is the lack of interaction she had with her mother, (who was quite ill), and I believe the neglect from the "breeders". When we would go out at night, she would cry, shake, drool, and scratch the door. It would bring tears to my eyes, not because she would destroy things by the door, but because she was so scared.

My husband and I became prisoners in our own home or needed to employ a doggie-sitter when we would go out, because we felt so bad leaving her alone at night... until last month. After countless trips to the vet to see what might help her, we finally received the help we so needed. She was put on Prozac (I was strongly against drugs, but as the vet said, quality of life is important) and we received in-house behavior modification classes with a therapist.

It was tough work- more for us, because we had to recondition her to know she is safe and we will come back for her when we leave. We had to assist her in becoming independent (yes, it meant sleeping in her own bed, too). People would ask us, "why donít you just get rid of her if sheís that much trouble?" All I can say is that when you have a child, you donít say, "let's just get rid of him/her" when they cry. When we got her, we signed up for an 18-year commitment. After all, she is our first born!

So, the outcome of the training, medication, and tough love is... she is fabulous! I must say I didnít think it would work, but for the first time in 2-1/2 years, we went out last Thursday to dinner and the mall (a 3-hour trip), and when we got home, she was laying on the couch in her spot, watching TV. The sense of accomplishment and happiness we had for her was amazing. I wanted to go over and hug, kiss and tell her how proud we were of her, but behavior mod. says 20 minutes no attention, then all the hugs and kisses you want.

We went out 2 separate times this past Saturday, and she was good again. I know itís early in the training, but we never imagined this would work. Itís surely worth a couple hundred dollars, as she brings so much to our family (and our neighbors for that matter)! We love her so much!

- Marie and Matt Dodd

I am thankful for all of my animal friends -- Beagle and otherwise. This year was quite trying with regard to the animals in my life and I have to say that I am thankful that my demon Beagle, Henry, has become a more dignified dog. Apparently his last name must be "Jekyll", but he seems to be moving further and further away from his "Hyde" side. He has gone from food aggressive fits that could scare a lion to being able to share cuddles in bed and my feeling safe enough to "zerbertz" his belly.

I am thankful that Snickers came along; a completely unplanned adoption while i was readying myself to receive Henry, but a little gold mine nonetheless. She is a delight in and of herself, but she particularly made Henry's transition to my home easier since they bonded immediately and must have secretly married one night. They are quite the couple!

I am thankful that my former lab Beagle, Thomas, was able to celebrate his 11th birthday in October (and 2nd adoption anniversary in August!), despite rupturing a cervical disc and becoming paralyzed at the end of July. I am so very grateful for the talented medical personnel who cared for him and saved his life at the Veterinary Specialists' Compassionate Care Center on Long Island. He is recovering so well that his regular vet said he was doing "awesome"!

And, finally, in the Beagle realm of things, I am grateful for having had almost 14 years with my Beagle mix (shp'eagle = shepherd/beagle), whom I retrieved from the local pound when she was about two years old. I am indebted to the dedication of my regular vets and their assistants who came to my house before their regular hours began, in order to ease her from this life. And I am so very thankful that she had a good death, without pain or fear, just some discomfort. I have so many things to be thankful for, but in the Beagle area these are a few highlights!

- Michele Krause

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