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We have taken our 9-year-old Virginia for chiropractic care for about the past 2 years. Our experience has been a very positive one. As she's gotten older, she has developed some issues in her lower back that sometimes results in stiffness and what we call the "hippity hops".

In an amazing bit of compensation, when she is due for a treatment, we will often find her laying differently when she sleeps, with a back leg turned out peculiarly and sometimes ingeniously propped up and elevated on a toy or a blanket to take the pressure off of a sore area.

She goes in for a "tune up" about every 6 weeks, and the improvement is noticeable. Over the course of a 1/2 hour session, her chiropractor works on her, and through a specific series of gentle manipulations, she corrects the alignment of her neck, back, legs, and even her tail. All the while, Virginia is her usual stoic self, okay with being massaged and adjusted... and doubtless totally focused on the yummy treat she gets at the conclusion of the session. And, when she walks out, she "stacks" straighter, her gait looks better, and her overall alignment just appears to be more normal.

As owners, we get the peace of mind that she is now significantly more comfortable. And this is accomplished fairly rapidly and without medication. Chiropractic certainly doesn't cure all ills, but it can definitely offer one more tool in your arsenal for helping your pet with the onset of age-related aches and pains.

This article provides more information on animal chiropractic care, including how to find a chiropractor in your geographic area.

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