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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

April 18, 2003

Chew the stick slowly
Swallow the pieces quickly
Hork them up, repeat

Congratulations to Rosalie,
winner of the haiku contest!

This week's runner-up was Beagle Buff for:

Praise to my hero.
Some tree parts are edible.
Hail, Euell Gibbons!

The other haikus:

I chew on a stick
On the grass in the warm sun
Happy beagle boy
-- Bailey's Momma

Thinking my deep thoughts.
Wonder who'd play me on film?
I'm one handsome dude.
-- Caron, Drew & Virginia (c'mon Scoots, let's play!)

I chew, I chew, ahhhhhhhhhh!
A fresh spring stick for me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
What the heck is that I see?
-- Kellie Lightcap

Moldy stick on green grass...
My weapons of destruction
Turn it to fine splinters!
-- molly eng

Do beagles exist?
I eat food therefore I am
What time is dinner
-- Nancy Savageau

Outside with my toy,
Chewing under the hot sun.
My day is complete.
-- Tayler

My stick, mine, mine, mine
Not for Clayton or Spenser
It's nice and chewy
-- Rhomylly and Herman-san

Lying in the grass
Chewing on something real good
Beagles are so cool
-- Melissa

Scooter loves his stick.
It tastes better than a brick.
Do you want a lick?
-- Barb Shaw

everything should be
just as tasty as this tree
that would sure please me
-- Sammie Beagle

Snow forever gone.
This moment eternity.
Warm bliss is Scooter.
-- Judy S

Lying in the grass
Chewing this delicious bone
What could be better?
-- Kramer and Kate

I like to chew twigs
Sunshine is best for this task
I like to chew twigs
-- Meg Gooddog

Munching in the grass,
Where are Clayton and Spenser?
I don't want to share.
-- alliedogsmom

Chewing on a stick
bark exploding in my mouth
hope I don't get sick
-- Amy and Roxy

He has earned his snack.
You must not ask for it back.
Beagles have it made.
-- Hound of Renown and Company

Chewing on a stick
I gaze into the distance
Dinner time at six
-- Oscar and Linus

I chew on a stick
As I chew I ponder life
Why do I eat trash?
-- Beaglemom

Scooter Chewing Hard
Stick Within His Jaws And Paws
Happy Happy Dog
-- Jason R

Roast Beef, it is not.
Prime Rib is what I wanted.
For now, stick to eat.
-- Hunter & Leo

Lovely day outside
Chewing on stuff in the grass
Wishing it was steak
-- Adam, Sonny, Homer and Bingo,
Sophie, Trixie, Squirt, and Rascal Burns

Cute little beagle
Lying in the bright green grass
Loves to play all day
-- Kimberly Kidder

They named me "Scooter"
But I should be called "Twiggy"
Because I love twigs
-- Phoebe Gooddog

A twig in the mouth
Is worth two in the green grass—
Learn that, grasshopper
-- The Amazing Casey Gooddog

Out of the green field
Evil rawhide emerges
I must chew it up.
-- Tam Hicks Syron

Peace surrounds me here.
I contemplate the new spring.
No bones about it!
-- Tam Hicks Syron

Wood is very good
People use toothpicks I know
Now I know why too!
-- D. Philp

If you see Booda
on the road, kill it because
real Booda's been here.
-- J. Syron

The first stick of spring
Leaf buds, sweet bark, tender wood:
Beagle teeth go *chomp*
-- Raffles and Cressie

Love to eat that wood
Wood is what I love to eat
Watch for splinters, though
-- Jack Gooddog, the
Attack-Trained Chihuahua

Oh lovely sticky
How I love to lickey you
Memories of poop
-- Candy the Wonder Beagle

The sun is shining
I am lying in the grass
There are twigs to chew
-- Zoey Gooddog

Mom has vanished
I feel a very stong hunger
The sun sets late now
-- Molly Belle

satisfying chews
sticks are really tasty but
i'd rather eat grass
-- buddy

Got a good, good stick
Blissfully I'll chew and chew
Happy in the sun
-- Meg R.

Scooter's eating sticks
Thankfully, it is not poop!
No more poop-si-cles!
-- Cindy and Megan Butler

A delicious stick
Fallen from a young pine tree
Who needs dental floss
-- Meg Az.

The sun in my eyes
Just heightens my antic mood —
I savor a twig.
-- Zoey Gooddog

Yum... I like this stick
This doesn't taste like chicken!
Spenser, you LIAR!
-- The Taillon pack

Bark is worse than bite.
And yet I bite the bark.
A paradox.
-- Hildy's Pal

it is a beagle
it looks just like my beagle
i wish i had one
-- aleksandra

Chew, Chew, chomp, munch, crunch
Galaxy of Good Smells
Princely Scooter rests
-- Boulder Beagles

Outside with my toy,
Chewing under the hot sun.
My day is complete.
-- Tayler

I, Scooter, am eating.
All you other Arooooo beags
Can eat your hearts out.
-- Tam Hicks Syron

Chewie in the yard,
So inviting and pungent.
Don't tell it's deer poop.
-- Webster Beagle

Stretched out in the weed
I contemplate my life
A dogs life - indeed
-- Cindy Ray