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April 8, 2005

Oh, Sweet Scooter, do not ask for whom the bath fills -- it fills for thee!

Congratulations to Hounds Abound,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Porchy & Snarly for:

Oh yeah - pristine white carpet, here I come!

The other captions:

  • day light saving time hits you when you least expect it -- beagle boy
  • no that's not's pudding..i swear i was not digging.. -- Lady & Tramp
  • I love mud wrestling practice! -- Becky - beaglemom
  • If I close my eyes real tight, they won't see the muddy paws...therefore no bath!!!! -- Jake the beagle from Dallas TX
  • I'm alllllllllllllll dog....Top Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Lucy's Human Companion
  • Calgon take me away -- Doc Holiday's (Beagle Extraordinaire) Mom
  • they wouldnt let him join in any beagle games -- rich almand
  • Is that a bug, or did my contact fall out? -- Tracy
  • Dad said, "let's go 4 wheeling in the mud"... "4 legging it for us ,more like it!" -- Buddy G
  • The Godzilla of Beagles! -- mitsretlow
  • -- you are getting verrrry sllllleeeepppy
  • Yikes, byciclist comin though! better be prepared! -- Beagle Luver
  • heheheheheheeheheheheh Gonna get um !! heheheheheheheheheehheheh -- paul strubeck
  • If I stand and sleep maybe she wont know that i am sleeping -- crystal
  • Ughh i REALLY gotta use.. the...BATHROOM but I can't not when everyone is lookin' -- someone
  • Ahh! Too bright! -- Nicole V
  • OOH too many smells for one nose. Ugh. The life of a beagle. -- Nicole V
  • Scooterpillar Tractor - "The Yellow Iron" -- Jody Rich
  • Tired of being fodder, Scooter becomes mudder. -- Jody Rich
  • It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. -- Kate
  • All Terrain Vehicle -- Mark
  • call 911! the leaves are dead --
  • Wow, Clay....that reeks! -- Lucia Hinojosa
  • "Your Honor, this witness saw Scooter bury the victim." -- Randy
  • Scooter digs it, man! -- Bev Clarke
  • The new Spenser-Board for kids... some other call it the Scooter -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • Don't tell me I need a bath!!! -- Pam Tillman
  • Un-Loretta Lynn-like. -- Monique
  • Off-road 4x4. -- Maggie M.
  • If only I hadn't eaten that burrito... -- Matt Moya
  • "Ooh, what's over there?" -- Melissa
  • A border colly and beagle mix --
  • The devil (that little man on my back) made me get dirty! -- Julie's kids