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April 22, 2005

Banana madness at the Pottery Barn showroom in 400 thread count.

Congratulations to Otis Longpaws,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Craig "Beagle Lover" for:

You didn't do a good job burying him. His head is still showing.

The other captions:

  • ahhhhhhhh nothing like a warm bed -- Robert Dunn
  • Ok - now that she finally got up - how do we make him move? -- Libby and Emily
  • "Once again, he has my favorite pillow!" -- Matt T.
  • relax and go back to sleep, scooter. i buried him, so he'll be there when we want him. -- rusty blue
  • Everybody's sleeping on the Weekend. Everybody needs a place to rest. -- M. Wold
  • Not time to get up till the third beagle sings -- sam,zoey,romeo and buddy
  • Guess Breakfast will be late again! -- Pam Amaral
  • Whose turn is it to get the sports page and my croissant? -- Emmitt and Sammi's Mom
  • Shall I ring room service? Or, do you want to go to the spa for a massage? -- Lady & Tramp
  • Occupation now stood at 2/3 of the duvet - it would only be time.... -- maggie moo's mum
  • Don't you just love it when Daddy makes a mess of our bed ! -- kcbeagle
  • It's your turn to make the coffee! -- Amie Asmus
  • I dunno, maybe
  • Whaddayou think - eggs benedict or french toast today? -- Gomez & Lily, The Adventure Beagles
  • waiting for breakfast in bed -- Nick R. & his beagle Kramer
  • Where's Goldilocks??? -- Abby Wabby
  • A bed built for beagles! (and a man) -- mitsretlow
  • Where did maw go? I thought she said we were having breakfast in bed? -- Molly
  • Thanks Scooter. His snoring was driving me crazy -- BeagleFiend
  • Rembrandt's lesser-known "The Breakfast Watch" -- Beaglomania
  • Ignoring Phillip's request for quiet, the boys continue on with their chat. -- Melissa
  • Missing: One Mom, one brother. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • I smell bacon! BACON!!! -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • It's the daily contest between the Kramer boys to see who can stay in bed the longest. -- Jake from Dallas
  • Once again, Philip is the loser in the weekly pillow fight contest. -- Benny's Mom
  • Rise and shine, it's hunting time! -- Arielie
  • Ahhhh, wakey wakey, bones and bakey! -- Beagle Babe (Ariel)
  • Whose turn is it to make the bed? -- yolonda q
  • The zookeepers make the habitat look so natural, don't they? -- Jody Rich
  • As with icebergs, so much lies beneath the surface. -- Bev Clarke
  • All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. -- Angela Fleming
  • who farted? -- patricia
  • Kon-Tiki -- Jody Rich
  • The boys await word that the pancakes and bacon are ready. -- Randy
  • Three Dog Night -- Mark O.
  • I put the pillow over his face -- you go sit on it! -- Peepers
  • Sometimes, the shaving creme in the pillow case trick is a test in patience. -- Prada
  • Two eggs over easy for me, Scooter would like an omelet, and for the schlep under the blanket, nada! -- Julie's kids
  • This hide-and-go-seek thing is getting wanna go chew something? -- Mark Lestan
  • Who's bright idea was it to let the feeders start sleeping on our bed? -- Calvin K Peanut