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April 8, 2008

I hope Phillip will forgive me for gracing today's DD with a pile of his underwear. Sorry, dear, but at least they're clean, right? This is the guestroom bed and we use it to pack by throwing everything we need onto it a week or two in advance of our trip, thus minimizing my anxiety as the departure day gets closer. We're going to Jamaica on Friday, to a resort we've been to several times (okay, 7) since we went on our honeymoon 400 years ago (okay, 17). We'll do a little scuba diving, a lot of sunning and reading and eating and, oh yeah, those fruity rum drinks. The resort we go to is in Negril and is called Swept Away. I have taken many, many photos over the years and it has become progressively more difficult to be creative, so a few years ago I decided to branch out and the result was Barbie goes to Jamaica which has become a minor cult phenonomen on the Internet. Tomorrow you'll meet our new dogsitters, Janine and Omar. On Thursday the Guest Daily Digital begins. Thank-you everyone for your entries, the winners have been notified.