April 18, 2007

Kristian and Kim of Raleigh, NC writes:
"We were taking a trip to Arizona with my parents, so we had no pet-sitter. We talked with our new friends/neighbors about watching Teddie (our 5-year old pound puppy) while we were gone. We were very nervous about leaving her for a week and we probably over did it with our instruction sheet, tips on how to make Teddie happy, etc. Our friends laughed the loudest when we left a bag of carrots along with her kibble. Teddie LOVES carrots!! We called home about 3 times, along with various email exchanges over the course of the week. When we returned, our very funny friends (who also own and operate a video and web-design company) entertained us with a photo diary of "Teddie's week without parents." This was 1 of about 4 photos showing Teddie in various states of partying ( who doesn't love Photoshop?!)"