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April 30, 2008

Notice how incredibly green everything has become? Most of it happened while we were on vacation, which made the transition back to reality a little easier. Of course nothing comes free in this world, and along with the burst of new life comes seasonal allergies, which I can deal with, and ticks, which I'd prefer not to. Just yesterday morning as I was considering what earrings to wear for the day I felt something on my leg. Underneath my jeans. Crawling up my leg. How does this happen? Did the tick crawl into my Gap Low Rise Flares overnight, or was it on my leg when I got dressed? Regardless, I am not too bad with a crawling tick and can pretty expertly dispose of the thing in the toilet or garbage disposal. It's the BLOODSUCKING ticks that gross me out. More than once I have woken up to find a tick attached to my skin. Because I'm a girl I tend to shriek, not too loud but enough to wake Phillip, which is convenient because then he can pull the thing off of me. I tell you, if they made Frontline for people, I'd slather it on as soon the weather got warm.