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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

August 18, 2000

With only one carrot running wild on the island, one of the beagles would have to be voted off.

Congratulations to Carrie Beagle, winners of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Carlos Vazquez for:
    "No, you take it. I insist."

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    The eternal struggle of Supply vs Demand is about to rear its ugly head again.

The other captions:

  • We posed long enough! Give us the carrot. -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Uh, what do we look like? Rabbits? -- Hobbes
  • Eh, what's up doc? -- John H.
  • I'm not going to try it. You try it. Hey, I know lets get Spencer, He won't eat it. -- Joan
  • I'm holding out for the snausages -- Martha Kobliska
  • Give us the stupid carrot! Nahhhh! We want meat -- Joshua Labelle
  • I'm not gonna try it. Are you gonna try it? Let's get Clayton! He'll eat anything! -- Becky
  • Give us the stupid carrot! Nahhhh! We want meat! -- Joshua Labelle
  • Be still, my racing heart -- Lilly Bird Peabody
  • Maybe you didn't hear us right, we said "Snausage" -- Meg Az.
  • The service at this establishment leaves much to be desired. -- Julia and Moose
  • Food ALWAYS gets a beagle's attention! -- Lesley Dannelley
  • Ma, this vegetarian diet is killin' us! -- Carol
  • Oh, yeah, riiiiiiiight. -- Jen Salonen
  • That's a FAKE hot dog, isn't it? I KNOW it's a fake hot dog. -- Zoey Beagle
  • This is a trick, isn't it? -- Meg Beagle
  • Hmm, it is worth the jump for just a CARROT?!?!? -- Meg R.
  • Rex, if she thinks we're giving Mr. Bugs up in exchange for a carrot, i say we wiz on her flowers... -- Ian
  • Do we look like RABBITS???? -- D. Philp
  • Where's the beef? -- D. Philp
  • Spenser - "Okay Scooter, you distract her and I'll grab the food" Scooter - "No, you distract her  -- I'LL grab the food!" --- D. Apperley
  • Dangling a carrot in front of the strongest noses in the world! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • Hey, maybe if we stare at it long enough... -- T. Hicks Syron
  • You take the veggie, I'll take the 'meat'! -- PJ
  • somehow spencer and scooter knew of the medicine inside the carrot -- bongo870
  • What's Up Doc! -- Staci
  • and just before spencer and scooter got there snack super clayton flew by and stole it  --
  • You want us to work for that?! -- Betty Drake
  • big boy wants a cookie -- lisa
  • you gotta be kidding, wheres the hot dogs!!!!! --
  • And this week's wiener goes to...... -- Cara
  • The one who stares longest without blinking wins! --
  • I'm cuter, no I'm cuter, no no no I'm cuter, no way I'm cuter --