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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

August 31, 2000

The Three Tenors perform the works of Pooch-ini

Congratulations to Natalie Moore, winner of this week's
caption contest with a clever twist to a popular theme!

This week's runner-up was Dawn Eng for:
    Clayton and Spencer coach Dad in proper "Aaarooo!" head and neck positions.

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    The Three Tenors: Part Deux

The other captions:

  • Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream! -- Hobbes
  • Old McDonald had a beagle... With a arrooo here, and a arrooo there... -- John H.
  • When I'm calling yououououououou . . . -- Meg Az.
  • It's had to be youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu -- Rob from Freehold
  • All together now: row, row, row your boat... -- Sandy G.
  • The men are singing the blues.... -- Cara
  • One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer, you take one down, you pass... -- Becki-She-Beagle-Queen of the Universe
  • The three tenors warm up prior to their sold out concert at Carnegie Hall -- marty yetter
  • The Kingston Trio -- Elaine Wright
  • Three-part harmony -- D. Philp
  • Lord, if you are ever going to let me fly please let it be now. -- Elaine Wright
  • Three part harmony -- joan
  • "Three Dog Night" -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • No! Like this… haooooo! -- Carlos Vazquez
  • The Kingston Trio -- Greg Baber
  • here daddy let me press a little harder and you will hit the right note --
  • here is some footage of how when beagles get together to pick pockets --
  • Spenser pleads for mercy while the duet continues... -- Becky Froberg
  • Please, PLEASE don't let them give up their day jobs! -- Phil S.
  • Doing his best LBJ impression, Dr. Phillip exhorts the boys to "SAAAAANG WITH ME BAYYYY-BEEE"! -- Meg R.
  • Oh Give Me a Home Where the Beagles Roam...... -- Julie Swanson
  • Spenser spies the chandelier about to be dropped on the two opera stars -- Julia and Moose
  • Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPER-BEAGLE! -- Lesley Dannelley
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's just Captain Siding and his trusty dog -- furball
  • The 3 Tenors look alot different off stage -- Karen Madden
  • Phew! Sombody needs a breath mint! -- Paula
  • "We were sailing along/ Down moonlit baaaayy..." -- J. Syron
  • To achieve the perfect bay, you must tilt your head more, Daddy! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • Baying 101 -- T. Hicks Syron
  • It's the three tenors!  -- d. apperley
  • Phil baby its like this, nose high, deep breath, then Arrroooooo! -- kllightcap
  • If your gonna be a beagle you gotta play in a beagle band -- sarah beagle
  • The three tenors -- or two tenors and a soprano?  -- Debby Brannan
  • Lord, if you are ever going to let me fly please let it be now. -- Elaine Wright
  • Male Bonding -- Karla
  • It's.......... "whazzz 'zup"! -- Barbara L
  • Now on the count of 3!
  • Who can aw-ooo best? I CAN!!! -- Rebecca
  • The Three Arrroooo-ers -- Hubble and Cassie
  • "You ain't nothing but a hound dog" -- Sherry Walls
  • Nope..this guy can't carry a tune, either...Next!  -- John MacMaster
  • Ready guys? In three part harmony.... Arrrroooooo! -- Kathy
  • It's not working . . . . Mom still won't come down -- Martha Kobliska