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August 23, 2002

Yep, 500 Bucks on EBAY... Trailers comin' tomorrow !!!

Congratulations to David P,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Scott Klein for:

    Having succesfully cornered a Deere, Clayton and Spenser naively anticipate Venisone for dinner.

The other captions:

  • I wouldn't go on there if I were you, last week Bob lost a leg... -- Louis K.
  • Oh, the Power! The Noise! The Glory! Neutered or not, I gotta drive it!!! -- SidneyRoo Crowder
  • Oh, yeah, boys....THIS is how we dig holes in the yard! -- Miss Lillian Crowder
  • Hey, don't you remember what happened to the trailer the last time you drove ? -- david g
  • Spenser gives the order "Through the Wall" -- Meg Az.
  • Clayton races for the driver's seat even though it's Spenser's turn to drive. -- Judy Staigmiller
  • Yes! The keys are in the ignition! -- Janis Detloff
  • You mean all this time we were tracking a JOHN deere?!?!? -- Jay Prescott
  • "Why don't we have a 'John Beegle'?" -- Casey Gooddog
  • My turn to drive! -- Craig Organ
  • I wouldn't if I were you! -- Ken
  • Always looking for an escape route, Spenser convinces Clayton to crash the gate. -- KK
  • I can drive. If I could only get up there. -- Anthony Riffe
  • Clayton prepares to cut the grass -- Melissa
  • What are you looking for silly? There is no deer named John, it's a JOHN DEERE! -- KimK
  • Wow! That's some pooper scooper! -- KimK
  • Come On Spenser, It's time to harvest those beagle cookies that we planted! -- Tim Sousa
  • If this is a deer, why isn't it running away? -- Dawn Eng
  • oh, deere, what can the matter be..... -- molly beagle eng
  • "Nope, no dogs on board. It probably came to the wrong address." -- Meg Gooddog
  • Give me a boost!!! -- Sir John
  • Shut up and give me a boost, Spenser . . . I think I can get this thing started! -- Edith Kachler
  • "thinkin' bout being a farmer Clayton?" -- maria
  • "This'll show them for feeding us late!" -- no longer beagle-less in nebraska!!!!
  • Get real Clayton. You're not old enough to drive. -- Maggie the Beagle
  • My turn to drive!! -- Dick Willis
  • I don't think that is what is meant by Beagle Farm. -- Roxy the Beagle and Amy 2
  • Don't you even THINK about it! --
  • "I'll bet it can't even catch a rabbit!!!" -- Tom in Iowa
  • You think we can work this thing? -- Jennifer
  • "All this heavy equipment just to find where we buried our old bones...?" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • When I grow up.... I wanna be green!!! -- Marykate Parkes
  • What do you think it eats? -- DavidP
  • Visual proof that beagles are tractable creatures -- Vera P. Kuliah
  • Hey Spenser...Let's say we hop in & steal ourselves a joyride to catch those wabbits!! -- Duke
  • "What rabbit? Are you sure you saw a rabbit jump up here?" -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • "Come on Cletus, Jim bob taking a nap!" -- Hugo Canedo
  • This is the strangest looking Deer I've ever seen. Can't get it to run!!! -- D. Philp
  • The only kind of deer worth catching, in Clayton's opinion! -- Phil S.
  • That's where all the noise is! -- Howard Knoebel
  • "Well, I just don't know...........I like the newer model......." -- Pearl Derryberry
  • Hey Stupid NOT that kind of Deere -- David Reid
  • Get down from know you can't drive! -- Susan Ball
  • "It can't can't can't wag it's tail...why does Dad like it so much?" -- Tom In Iowa
  • "I'm telling you it doesn't smell like a deer!" -- Tom In Iowa
  • If only I could get up there, I could drive us to the store to get more food! -- Ann Johnson mother of Henry dog
  • "Whose turn is it to drive?" is a daily argument at the Kramer Farm. -- Rosalie
  • Debit & his partner Old Dog -- Milton Lanier
  • Clayton, Spenser and Scooter prepare to mow the lawn! The Beagle way! -- Jasper Wonderlin
  • After many embarrassing hunting expeditions, the boys bring down their first Deere! -- Rosalie
  • Hey Spenser, give me a leg up! -- lucy beagle
  • Hey Spenser, now we can do some serious diggin' -- max and terri beagle
  • Ok guys, I think the keys are in it. Let's go. -- Stephen
  • With Mother and Father away, the boys grab the keys to go for a joy ride! -- SnoopyLou and Squirt the Schip
  • "Yo Spenser! Ya think I can drive this thing just like Farmer Brown does?" -- Liz
  • "Just you and me, Spenser! Debbie's porsche against Farmer Brown's.. err.. I got the porsche!" -- Liz
  • HUMMMM , i wonder what this can do? BWA HA HA HA HA -- Brandi and Charlie my little blue beagle
  • Clayton, now they're making movies about those crop circles of yours, will this never end? -- kllightcap
  • There's gonna be trouble! -- Matt
  • Grab the keys and lets get outta here. -- Cara
  • Now THAT'S a pooper scooper! -- Tom in Iowa
  • It's not a White, but I guess it will have to do. -- Dave R
  • OK - if you work the pedals, I think I can steer this thing out of our sunny spot. -- Velva R
  • "Clayton, that's like no deer I've ever seen!" -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia