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August 15, 2003

Pile-up on the Serta Parkway, assessing the damage.

Congratulations to mm12,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Becky - beaglemom for

    Scooter Pie inspects the leaning tower of Beagle.

The other captions:

  • The Beagle 2 Mars probe has safely landed on the Red Planets surface. -- Deb Coombs
  • "The Prince & The Pea"!!!!! -- JOBGMOM@CS,COM
  • Do you feel the pea?? (as in Princess and the Pea) -- Marcy, dixie & Scrappy
  • Nice try, Scooter, but I can still feel that piece of kibble you hid under the quilt. -- Brownie Beagle's mom
  • If you didn't INSIST on having your "good luck pillow" with you there'd be room for me! -- Bogie's Mom Hard at Work
  • This is the life --
  • You're no princess, but I think I smell a pea... -- Merbley
  • scooter arrives too late to get the prized top bunk. -- rusty blue
  • Scooter believes in a quick passing sniff for cookie crumbs. -- Casey Gooddog
  • "DON'T ROCK THE BOAT!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • You're not sick, where ya hidin' the hamburger?? -- Jennie Hartley
  • The Princess and the Pea has nothing on me. -- Susan, Mickey, and Misty
  • Yes, I think Spenser may be under there too, but I'm too lazy to get up. -- KimK
  • Scooter tries in vain to eat the pea he knows is under there somewhere. -- Webster Beagle
  • Princes and the Pea, or, are you SURE it is soft enough, Clayton? -- Bobbie
  • Scooter eye for the tri guy. -- J. Syron
  • Clayton and Scooter spent the blackout in comfort -- Marilyn and Chaos
  • Nice muffler! -- Josh R.
  • "I swear to Dog! That tornado just picked me up in my bed and left me here!" -- Abbey & Mo's Mommy
  • You have room in there for me? -- Amber Brinson
  • Yep... I think the pea is pretty much pureed. -- Hunter
  • Hey Clayton, uh, I don't think this is what they mean by "bunk beds". -- Meg R.
  • I hate it when Mom vacuums! -- Trackerbee
  • What's a dog gotta do to get a little sleep around here? -- Chester
  • Spenser's idea of a high-rise bunk bed. -- Melissa
  • I know MY bed is in there somewhere!! -- Cheryl Smith
  • The princess still cannot feel the pea because Prince Scooter keeps eating it. -- sississippi
  • this is not what I call fun! -- kirsten
  • "Come on, rise and shine!" -- Emily
  • "Where'd you say the pea was?" - Scooter gets a little confused with the Princess and the Pea story. -- Kramer
  • Keep looking Scooter I know there's a pea under there somewhere! -- Diane
  • "And someone's been sleeping in MY bed!!" -- PJ Beagle in MI
  • Mom! Clayton is hogging all the beds again! -- Tim Sousa
  • I'm telling you, there IS a pea under there! I feel it! -- Calvin K Peanut, Esquire
  • When will he stop sniffing? Can't he see I'm trying to rest? -- Barb
  • No sniffing tonight dear...I have a headache --
  • Laaaauuuurrriiieeee! Clayton's hogging all the beds!! -- Gracie Butler
  • This Bed is only big enough for one! -- Stephanie Carozza
  • Get out of my bed Clayton! -- michele
  • please share some bed space -- courtney
  • we like our privicy please max lisen to me -- courtney
  • Scooter's upset, claiming he called "top bunk" first -- Pack-o'beagles
  • Scooter is in training to become a slot machine champion. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Hey, I warned you not to let Scooter watch Trading Spaces! -- Prada
  • So this is what Southern Comfort feels like?!?!? -- Prada's Daddy
  • Scooter, hurry up and find the remote, Shilo's on in 2 minutes. -- Prada's evil clone
  • Scooter remains unsure of the new space conserving "Tower of Beds" design. -- Heather FaerieStar
  • Three were two in the bed, the little one say "roll over roll over" -- B4
  • Is there no privacy for a tired boy? -- Susdan Kneeland
  • Scooter wants to make sure that Matisse isn't hiding under there. -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • Ahh, breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning, what could be more grand..?..LUNCH - stashed right here! -- Shewolf63
  • Where's my spot? -- Shelby
  • "Once upon a Mattress"....."The Pea and the Puppy Prince"!! --
  • Here's Trixie -- Patty Madsen
  • Hey!...Your in my spot!!!! -- Bill Koning
  • Ok, we're packed! Let's go camping! -- Phil S.
  • mmmmm, what's cookin' good lookin'? -- nicole
  • Who's in the bottom bunk? -- Fred G. & Sammy Jo
  • The 'Prince and the Pea' -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo