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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

August 29, 2003

It takes teamwork to get the olive jar open.

Congratulations to Becky - Beaglemom,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Meg Gooddog for

    "There, just a few more turns, and your tongue will stop hanging out."

The other captions:

  • Spenser stakes the beagles claim to the endless battle of who gets the remote. -- Greg Jablynski
  • Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooo, anybody heard of company goes first! -- kllightcap
  • Gimmie that -- Craig
  • I told you, you cannot borrow the car tonight -- karen haneline
  • 8/29/03: The annual strong man vs strong dog championship -- carlsca
  • There's *got* to be a better way to open a beer bottle! -- Rhomylly and Herman
  • But's it's mine Daddy Beagle.. all..mine.. give it.. give it... leave it.. aroooL!!!!!! -- Lady & Tramp Beagle
  • As Phil tries with all his might to pull that stubborn tooth..... -- QT Pi
  • Neurologist-turned-dentist Dr. Philip Kramer is now open for business...bring your own novocaine. -- Buttercup & Tootsie
  • Hold still, we'll have that tooth out in just a minute -- Roberta Fielding
  • "Boy, that's some grip you have, Spenser!" -- Melissa
  • Leggo My Eggo! -- Kristin- humble mom to Rosie and Red, Texas beagles
  • "I said, taste's great!" "And I said, less filling!!" -- Matthew in Baltimore
  • Captain Siding performs a 12-step intervention. -- D. Philp
  • "Give me back my golf ball!!!" -- Casey Gooddog
  • Hey - My fingers are attached! -- Melissa T.
  • Phillip attempts to help Spenser fullfill his dream of stretching into a fox hound. -- Dawn Eng
  • How to Stuff a Wild Beagle -- Meg R.
  • It's mine I tell you! My Precious! -- beaglemom
  • Dagnabbit, give me the remote, the dog show is over!!! -- mm12
  • One trying to get the chocolate IN, the other trying to get the chocolate OUT! -- Bogie's Mom Hard at Work
  • From the beginning of time, it has always been man against beast... -- Scooby's Momma (Lydia)
  • How much will the tooth fairy leave me this time? -- Judy S
  • This Bud's *NOT* for you! -- Gabi the Nutball

    -- Meg Gooddog
  • Pulling teeth at home rather than going to the doggie dentist. -- boogaloo the beagle
  • I am bigger than you, NOW LET GO!! -- Michael
  • Look, we can share the bone you know!!! -- Jeff F.
  • i had it first! -- Leanne
  • GIVE ME BACK MY BEER! It's been a hard day! -- Julie's kids
  • Once again Spenser has the advantage in the "sockie" tug of war"! -- nwrednk
  • Mine! no...MINE! no...mine!!! -- Bailey & Gypsy's dad
  • No! Let go! Get your own beer! -- Roodi Otterson
  • Give me that remote! -- Molly's mom
  • and the daily fight for who is the "alpha male" continues....... -- Candy "The Wonder Beagle"
  • Ruff, give me the ball, RUFF!!!! -- Ben Klein, age 13
  • And it has come down to this, the final beer. Will it be Man's or Dog's? -- Marc B
  • Don't worry, Scooter, I've almost got you out!! - C. Siding
  • The real reason Phillip switched his major from Dentistry -- Rosco's Mom
  • Hold still. We'll have that canine tooth out in no time. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Let go of my beer! -- Linda Forrest
  • "You & What "Jaws-of-Life" ya think will take what's MINE, MINE, ALL MINE! -- JO-JO B.G.BEAGLEMOM