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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

August 1, 2007

Eight years ago the boys would have been teetering on the edge of an enormous and ugly hot tub, surrounded by uglier tile with walls painted a hideous shade of I don't quite remember what, but it was bad, I can tell you that. Now I can understand indoor hottubs. Phillip's friend Kevin used to have a house up at Stowe in Vermont with an indoor hottub and that seemed perfectly appropropriate for apres ski and all. But New Jersey with a view of the kitchen? Come on! The people who built this house were weird. They only used the hottub in the summer! This doesn't surprise me because it cost so much to heat it. We only used it for the first two years and then only on the weekends in the winter. Clayton and Scooter wanted nothing to do with it, but Spenser used to play life guard, walking around the hottub a few times then settling down nearby with an eye on us. Way to go, Mr. Man. After two years, Phillip removed the hottub, added a wall for a pantry and made the rest of the room his office. The people who built this house were Mr. and Mrs. Atlas and we call all home renovations having to do with things such as removal of hottubs and kitchen carpeting "de-Atlasing." Except for the mother-in-law suite which we use only for storage, the house has been completely de-Atlased and let me tell you, it was no small feat. I never knew there could be so much brown in a three bedroom house. It simply boggles the mind.