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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

August 8, 2007

Clayton and Spenser have had several fights over the years. Clayton has started if not all then most of them which is really rather stupid because he always loses. One fight was so bad that Clayton actually required a drain in his neck so that the wound could heal. Clayton is an incredibly laid back beagle most of the time but every so often he "goes mental." He and Spenser have been on good terms for awhile now, and since Scooter died they seem to spend more time next to each other. I fervently hope that this goodwill continues, but am a bit concerned. We bought a new grill this year and discovered after using it a few times that the pan to catch the grease was missing. Actually, Spenser is the one who discovered it and his head has taken to smelling whatever we grilled for dinner that night. It took a couple of months but Clayton discovered it too, and the other night I heard a sharp warning bark from under the grill. It was Spenser, defending his grease pit. This is the sort of thing that could set off Clayton but fortunately nothing happened. But last night the same thing happened when they were sharing one of our plates. They are always quite good at sharing after dinner plates but I think for awhile the plates will go directly into the dishwasher. And hopefully Phillip will rig something up out on the grill. When my sister and I were younger and constantly screaming at each other my father would tell us, "Love each other!" Hopefully Clayton and Spenser will heed that advice as well.