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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

August 20, 2007

Let me tell you, it is not easy getting a good picture of Skipper the Schipperke. I mean, look at his eyes! They just disappear or else, as shown below, are subject to red-eye (Photoshop'ed out) from the flash. But anyway, Skipper is our guest for the week while our friends Cathy and Judy go scuba diving in Tobago (far from the hurricane). We have to beg them to let Skipper stay with us and finally they relented. He is, by far, the easiest canine house guest we have. He only barks when Phillip or I come home, he's a good eater, and is always cheerful although without a tail it's hard to figure out when he's really, really happy. Skipper sleeps, by choice, on the bench at the end of our bed and greets us up at the pillows in the morning, crawling pretty much over the entire length of my body to get there. He's lighter than a beagle, though, so that's okay. Tootsie and Buttercup arrive on Thursday while Courtney and Mike have probably their last vacation before the baby arrives this winter. Yup, Camp Kramer is in full gear pretty much through Labor Day!

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