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August 24, 2007

Camp Kramer ends on a tragic, yet tasty, note.

Congratulations to David
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Ike's sister for:

Philip's bid to be on America's Top Chef comes to a screeching halt.

  • What do you think, Skipper? -- K9ster
  • And the final ingredient of the Schipperke Omelet! -- 1-0-1
  • No, I prefer beef. Must be Spenser and Clayton that like shrimp. -- Debi Saula
  • Oooooh no ya' don't you have me confused with a "wiener dog" -- Katie Beagle Las Vegas !
  • See Skipper, this is what happened to the last "house guest" that begged during meal time....... -- Rusty Man's Momma
  • "No, I didn't say WALK!" -- Peter H.
  • fried or tossed? -- Lady & Tramp Catania-Beagle
  • In China...that might have been you but not here!! -- Junebug's Mom
  • Philip misreads the recipe for Shrimp Scampi as Schipperke Scampi. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • You add a little Cilantro, and smell - doesn't that smell and look delicious? -- Matt Price
  • What do you think Skipper, more salt? -- Jed
  • Without my glasses, I can't tell if the recipe says to add scallops or a schipperke. -- Tucker Beagle
  • Is this what they mean by adding the "hair of the dog"?? -- Sweetums' Mom
  • Showing something that you're not going to share with me is just mean! -- Maggie Moo's mum
  • I thought you said kippers for supper! :s -- Dylans mate
  • No Phillip, you never add whole Schipperke to a dish, it must be finally chopped! -- Nancy in Tempe, AZ
  • Where's the beef? -- Rusty's Dad
  • "Umm...Remember, DOCTOR Kramer, hot dogs are bad for you!" -- Beaglomaniac
  • Behave, or you're going in the wok, too. -- Steve
  • I asked for a walk, not a wok! -- Judy S
  • I don't want to eat this, do you Skipper? Let's get Spenser to try it! -- Donna and Samantha
  • Ok Skipper, see what you think. Are they done yet? -- Best BeagleGirl
  • Now if you were a Beagle I wouldn't have to lift you up!! -- Jeff Creed
  • The unfortuante truth of what happens to dogs that beg at the table.... -- Scout, Sadler and Jake
  • The evil Dr. Phillip adds the not-so-secret ingredient to Schipperke Stir Fry. -- 2 DE Beagles
  • There's been a terrible mistake ... I thought Schipperke Stew was FOR Schipperkes! -- J&J's Mom
  • Now it's your turn to stir the meal! -- Sue
  • Excuse me....but I don't eat chicken. -- Jellybelly
  • im not eating that -- christopher fiman
  • WOW! Dr. Dad, your bowl has handles. We don't get handles?.........I know ,no thumbs, right! -- 1-0-1
  • If you were human, you would get to eat food like this. -- Hank
  • Now its time to add the final ingredient-a pinch of dog fur. -- Brandy and Melissa
  • wait, Philip-- I read it wrong, the recipe calls for KIPPERS -- Randy
  • now for the final ingrediant!! perfecto -- jason
  • It's time to add the black bean sauce. -- Jody Rich
  • And you thought that chow was a type of dog! If you don't behave, you'll become chow. -- oldgrandpa
  • This is what happen to the last dog who peed in the house -- Marten
  • Preparing for the last supper before Skipper the Schipperke leaves Camp Kramer. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • And now for the final ingredient -- beagle bill
  • And this, my little friend, is where those good smells come from! -- Bennie's mom
  • No, I said to add Oregano..not Parsley! -- ChristyB