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August 28, 2007

What a munchkin!! Baby Lexi is the cutest and smartest little baby that I've ever known. Well, her father was pretty cute, too, and so was her auntie Rachel (who you saw yesterday). Lexi stays with her nana, my sister, on Mondays and we had a great time taking care of her yesterday.

Lexi has two basset hound siblings and is utterly unfazed by them, as you can see. Here she is playing rodeo atop Jackson, one of my sister's bassets. Jackson's sister is Telsha, a real doll, and later today, Elliott will move from Lexi's house to Nancy's, bringing their total to three. My goodness. Bassets are bigger than beagles but they are not as high maintenance. Except for the drool.

I love my little Lexi!