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August 15, 2008

Life should be a bowl of hotdogs.

Congratulations to Beaglepalooza
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was N Wiseman (Brisbane, Australia) for:

Mmmm, antifoxidants!

The other captions:

  • You can see Phillip cherry picks the boys' food -- beagle bill
  • This is sooooo not good for my girlish figure! Can you gain weight in your ears? -- ChristyB - Gigi and Boscoe's Mom
  • Life may be a "bowl of cherries" but a guy could starve on this stuff! -- Rusty's Dad
  • "Bowl of kibble, bowl of cherries, and a bassett hound" by krammer -- jacksons of abilene
  • Life really IS a bowl of Cherries! -- Best Beagle Girl
  • I don't see any pits in this bowl of cherries...wonder if they are hiding. -- Junebug's Mom
  • Life is just a bowl of cherries. -- Tricolor dog
  • my own bowl of cherries!!! -- patti
  • why, oh why aren't snausages in season? -- David
  • ahhh, cherries! great going in, not great coming out! -- benny eng
  • mmm.."Life is a bowl of cherries. Better take me for a walk after this into someone elses yard." -- Tom Brackney
  • These smell good but I don't like the pits. -- Jed
  • Life is just a bowl of cherries. -- samantha
  • Life really is a bowl of cherries when you are a dog! -- Jennifer Jenson
  • I wish they would remember to take the stems out, my tongue isn't as flexible as it used to be! -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • Eating cherries alone? I thought we were meeting the alpaca for dinner! -- Bri & his Beagles
  • Gotta keep that red sheen in my fur somehow. -- Maggie Moo Mum
  • I'll be damned. Life IS a bowl of cherries. -- Djuna's Mom
  • Hey, couldn't someone have taken the pits outta these things? Geez! -- Sammy beagle
  • I wish this wes box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!!!!!!!! -- Samantha
  • Bing Clawsby -- Jody Rich
  • 50 cherries a day is supposed to help with my arthritis. Will it get rid of the crud on my ear? -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Yes, life IS just a bowl of cherries. Who knew? -- Gomez & Lily
  • Not a hint of meat, and they paid how much????????? -- Judy S
  • It's easier to tie it in a knot with your tongue when your tongue is as long as mine. -- J&B
  • i prefer strawberries but cherries will do -- kurt
  • breakfast of champions -- agirls
  • Mmmm, antifoxidants! -- N Wiseman (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Nom Nom Nom Nom...Ptooo -- Snoo
  • Still Life: Basset Hound contemplating life's choices. -- Barb Shaw
  • Life like a bowl of cherries? No, I think it's more like a bowl of kibble. -- Freckles' mom
  • Cherries! Clayton Gets Spam and all I get is Cherries? -- Oscar's Mom
  • Again with the cherries? Isn't there such a thing as the Hood River HAMBURGER Company?? -- Paws for Thought