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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

December 14, 2000

Grasshopper, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a nap.

Congratulations to J. Syron, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Nena for:
   "Listen to me burp the alphabet."

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    Clayton regales Scooter with tales of Christmas past.

The other captions:

  • Go away kid, you bother me. -- Meg Az.
  • Oh Great Wise One......What is the real meaning of Christmas? -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Sniff....and then....sniff....he said.....sniff.....there's no such thing as Santa Claws!! -- Kim G (teamk!
  • Tell me that story again, Grandpa! -- Scott Klein
  • Uhoh, I think he's gonna hurl! -- Dan
  • Clayton, don't cry; we'll find your ball! -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Anticipating Santa's arrival! -- Kathy K
  • Clayton advises Scooter to stay clear while Mom and Dad try to put up the tree! -- KK
  • "Why when I was your age, we walked to obedience school in the snow!" -- jrwill
  • What's the matter?----Sick or just gas? -- Doug B
  • whazzzzzupppppp -- kary
  • If you start all the way back here and push off real hard, you can fly, Scooter. Really! -- Bad Doggie
  • I'm tellin ya kid, stick with me, learn the ropes, you'll go places -- Carrie Beagle
  • But, I don't want to go Christmas shopping! -- Becky
  • The jello mold's not bad, but stay away from the mandarin oranges! -- Annie
  • Don't cry, Clayton - there will be another election in 4 years... -- Hubble Beagle
  • Concession speaches always leave a bad taste in my mouth -- Al Gore
  • I just can't take it anymore, Doc. I don't know what I'll do if I see that squirrel one more time... -- Rebecca Murphy
  • Clayton, where are ya it supper time and I forgot?!!! -- KimK
  • Come on Clayton, tell me it's not true!! There really IS a Santa, right? "Sure Scooter" (he.he,he) -- Dee and Max
  • Scooter devotedly listens to Clayton's painful rendition of Silent Night. -- D. Philp
  • Ahh! Your not the ghost of Christmas past, leave me alone, leave me alone. -- Joan Dwyer
  • Trying to think of an answer to Scooter's question, Clayton finds himself up against a wall. -- Cara
  • They can send us to the corner but they can't make us face it!!! -- Mark Schenkman
  • I did not know it was your bone, I am sorry! -- Alexis Intili
  • waiting for Spenser -- gitty
  • Oh God!! He's gonna Puke!!!!!! -- Ray-Ray
  • You don't have to be snippy about it! -- Angelique
  • Stop pickin' on me !  -- Lois
  • Don't cry, Clayton. I know Spenser didn't mean what he said. -- Julia and Moose
  • "Tell me your troubles, Scooter," Clayton says gently. -- Melissa N.
  • whats that smell? wasnt me! -- christa davis
  • Well, you could, at least, pretend not to be bored! -- Karen Coplantz
  • I just KNOW you're really doesn't taste that bad! -- C. Webb
  • Do you really think were getting coal Clayton, do you think she meant it?  -- kllightcap
  • So what if I'm crying scooter, its a very special time of year!l  -- kllightcap
  • Please, Clayton! I'll be good! Don't tell Santa! -- Becky F.
  • I said get away!! -- marcia
  • Scooter listens in awe as Clayton tells old war stories. -- J. Syron
  • Leave Me Alone, I've Had Enough for One Day -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • dont cry Clayton im sorry about your ear i won't do it again --
  • Are you in the Bad Dog corner again? -- Pat
  • "sneeze already" -- kat
  • Leave me alone, youngster! -- Terrence Miller
  • I said I was sorry, Scoots. -- C. Goodwin
  • I think I hear Santa in the other Room -- 
  • Mom said I had to stand in the corner. I chewed her favorite slippers. -- C. Goodwin
  • you go down Scooter I'll stand guard here -- herbie
  • don't you hate the taste of worm paste!
  • I'm not changing my mind - the answer is still NO! -- Martha Kobliska
  • Beagle Buddies.
  • And that is the real story of Christmas... -- William Davis
  • PLEASE don't be mad at me! -- Lynne Willlis
  • "Oh, c'mon Clayton, just one more chorus of 'Doggie in the Window'"?! -- Caron, Drew & Virginia