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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

December 21, 2000

The "SugarPlums" rest & wait for their entrance cue.

Congratulations to Kathleen, winner of this week's caption contest!

What a great group of captions this week! It was very hard to judge and there are several runner-ups:

  • Deck the hounds......submitted by both Georgesmom and D. Philp
  • Deck the Dogs with Silver Garland, FaLaLaLaLa..LaLa..La..La....from Kim K.
  • Deck the dogs with boughs of holly...from Janis Detloff

    I also really enjoyed

  • Great party. Hey, weren't there 3 of us?...from Joan
  • Another lazy day in Tinseltown...Drew, Caron, and Virginia    

    The other captions:

  • Clayton and Scooter are less than excited about their new leashes. -- Dan
  • I think mom has had a little too much egg nog! -- Carrie Beagle
  • No, really, I saw this in's the latest rage in festive Holiday attire! -- Bo
  • Oh, c'mon...PLEASE play dress-up with me!!! -- Bo
  • Next thing you know she'll be stuffing holly in our ears... -- Bo
  • Hey, if it gets us a bed by the fire, don't knock it! -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Some holiday spirit...This itches -- Janet shackelford
  • Gold is SO passe. -- KK
  • Find the two ears in this picture that look exactly alike! -- kllightcap
  • Clayton, the deal was, I do the cookies, you do the tinsel!  -- kllightcap
  • You're holding out on me, this tinsle smells snowmen!! -- William Davis
  • Too late to buy a tree, the Kramers become very resourceful. -- T. Hicks Syron
  • The Kramer beags are ready to deck the halls! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • All dressed up and waiting for Santa Paws! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • I said "bah humbug" and i meant it. -- bwmcfadden
  • Please Scooter, help me put this stuff on the tree, I'm to short to reach the top! -- Rebecca Murphy
  • We will not look cute. Why do they to do this to us, all for the enjoyment of perfect strangers? -- Rebecca Murphy
  • How often do we have to tell Laurie that we don't want this thing...? WE WANT A TURKEY!!! -- Bregje
  • do i have to help decorate? -- Beagle Boy
  • man..what is this stuff? -- Beagle Boy
  • Don't you think there is enough on the tree? -- Beagle Boy
  • uuuuugh!! garlic breath. -- Beagle Boy
  • hey! watch the fur. -- Beagle Boy
  • ahhem..The tree is over there. -- Beagle Boy
  • In a burst of holiday cheer, Laurie decorates everything that doesn't move. -- Spot
  • Spencer rests after decorating the Xmas Clayton -- Phillip
  • Dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant didn't go too well. -- Cara
  • I don't care how sure you are. It does NOT smell like chicken. -- Phillip
  • You can bet your silver bells _I_ get blamed for this -- Phillip
  • I'm not sure this stuff is good for beagles. It tickles. -- Casey Beagle
  • I think somebody dug up a very dead snake. -- Meg Beagle
  • This doesn't smell nearly as good as used underwear. -- Zoey Beagle
  • Which end is the tail? -- Phoebe Beagle
  • No, Scooter, I don't think pretending to be decorations will help us meet Santa! -- Becky F.
  • Party Animals, the day after. -- Jay Ranck
  • Scooter and Clayton wait patiently for the Christmas festivities to begin -- Phil S.
  • Bah, Humbeagle! -- Karen Spivey
  • The Holiday "Beagle Blues" strike Spenser and Clayton. -- DavidP
  • Not a creature was stirring-not even a Beagle -- Virginia Michaels
  • I wonder what Martha Stewart would have to say about this... -- Melissa N.
  • I'm so pooped after all that decorating! -- Melissa N.
  • "bah, humbug, Clayton, what's the point if it's not edible!" -- Janis Detloff
  • We're never gonna pass as Vegas show girls -- JoJoMa
  • You can only imagine what happened to the popcorn string decoration... -- Dave Dwyer
  • Why, does Mom and Dad have to do this every year to us? -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • this does look better on us than the tall green thing huh? --
  • We are innocent. We didn't take anything. -- 
  • What did we do? -- 
  • NO! I'm not going to the Christmas Party!!! --
  • Scooter, don't even try to act like you didn't help me pull this off the tree!!! -- Doug B.
  • Disguised as Christmas trees, Clayton and Spenser hope to get strung in popcorn and candy canes. -- D+J
  • Gee, somehow Christmas just isn't the same now that the kids have left home. -- Kate K.
  • Great! Now they have mistaken us for the Christmas tree. -- Seth
  • C'mon Scootie - you're taller than me. I can't get this tinsel above the fireplace alone! -- Meg R.
  • Don't be so sure, Scooter, it MIGHT be food. -- Trixie
  • Hmmmm, nice jewellery -- Gabrielle
  • Maybe if we act inconspicuous they'll think it was Scooter who knocked down the tree. -- Dee and Max
  • 'And all I wanted was a beagle treat!' -- Therese Rasnick