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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

February 6, 2004

So you really think I should get back into tech stocks now?

Congratulations to Gumbo & Lulu,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Earl Longpaws for

    I tell you eating your shadow won't make winter end any sooner!

The other captions:

  • I say the snow cones are that way! -- Karen Klein
  • Did you hear what happened to Phil after the Super Bowl half time show? Boy, was she mad!! -- Buddy's Mom
  • The boys' search for Sasquatch ends at a foot print -- Sam and Ted
  • The two dogs are digging in the snow. -- Steven
  • psssst...I gotta go see a man about a horse! -- blermbeagle
  • looks like snow, tastes like snow, yea its snow all right -- beagle boy
  • Are you sniffin' what I'm sniffin'? -- Nathan Hess
  • Hey, Spenser, look sharp -- the Budweiser Clydesdale scouts are watching. -- Hound Happy
  • Spenser fails to check his blind spot before changing lanes. -- Beagles R Us
  • Is it true? You found 2 identical snowflakes? -- carlsca
  • Honest, I didn't eat the bread crumb trail from home! -- murphy campbell
  • Just follow the Yellow Snow Road? Spenser we are not in Oz anymore! -- sam,zoey and romeo
  • Is that deer poop I smell? Maybe the groundhog was wrong!! -- Blizz and Angel
  • I'm telling you Clayton went to Florida..if we leave now we can catch up.. -- Lady & Tramp Beagle-Catania
  • She said we would get a treat if we found her earring. -- Huey Longpaws
  • Beagles In Bouvier Conspiracy -- Truman Capote
  • Darn contact lenses! -- R & S' mom
  • Psst . . . Let's give Phil the slip, run off, and find some cute beagle babes! -- Bogie's Mom
  • Side by side they trudge thru the wilderness, the incredible journey Part II -- Cheryl Smith
  • the boys check the snow for its 'snowiness' and confirm it can be called snow. -- maggie moo's mum
  • And what is that scent you're wearing? -- Melissa
  • Let's go South.. No...we have to find think he went south..shucks..we're naked.. -- Beagle Mama
  • New Jersey Search & Rescue on the trail of Matisse. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • "Scooter, I don't think your bone is down there." -- Zoey Gooddog
  • "My God! Where's Clayton?!?" -- Meg Gooddog
  • "I hear a snore down there. Do you hear a snore down there?" -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • "I smell groundhog!" -- Joey Gooddog
  • whew!!!You are sweaty! -- Shelby
  • Have you been chasing rabbits again? -- CDlOvE
  • "Spring's gotta be around here somewhere......." -- J. Syron
  • dejected by the fact that two beagles streaking attracted no attention, Scooter and Spenser go home. -- Beaglebuddy
  • Spenser, I think you got too much sun here! -- beagled
  • Didgya find anything yet? Nope...just more SnOw!!!! -- Steven Jessee
  • Did you use cologne today? -- Johanna Ortiz
  • Psst! Don't eat the yellow snow.... -- Gracie Butler's mommy
  • help people -- Sunny
  • Hey, is that a tick on your ear this time of YEAR?!?! -- beagle lover
  • Squirrel? --
  • There, that should be the last of those evil hackers!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Todd Stein
  • You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, then you shake it all about... -- Sammers
  • Hey, is that roast beef you're hiding in your cheek?? -- Melissa
  • Is that vicks? Do you have a cold? -- Scott
  • ccuuutttteeeee -- katy
  • Spenser, you got something on your new fur coat! -- Zachary Baker
  • PEEEYOOOU! Spenser, You Smell Like A Buffalo!!! -- Zachary Baker
  • Hey, look at that. It's cat pee! -- Lauren
  • let me tell you a secret! -- scooby doo
  • hola amiguitos -- alex
  • Hey pal, uhh, that yellow snow don't taste too great! -- Ashley Grant
  • Alas, poor Spenser, you'll get your groove back. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • So cute one! -- Jessika
  • pssst. you got some earwax in your ear. -- Amy
  • Spenser, don't cry. I'm sorry I said that your shadow was fat! -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Do YOU know the way to San Jose? -- Art-beagledad
  • Scooter isn't sure there's anything there, but, if there is, it's his. -- Meg Gooddog
  • Spenser, is this really all there is to streaking? -- K Spivey
  • Go get it......go get the marshmallow! -- Florida Rod
  • The bone is here....or maybe here...or maybe here... -- Abbey & Mo's Mommy
  • did you smell what i smell -- Myranda Anderson
  • What do you think Janet Jackson will wear tonight at the Grammy Awards? -- Rosco's Mom
  • Tell me old wise one, what is the "Flash" and what does it mean? -- Rosco's Mom II
  • You got your cologne on? The girls are waiting for us to pick them up. -- Beagle mama in MI
  • That bonehead Clayton ran off with our collars! Can you track and get us home? -- PJ Beagle
  • Are you sure the squirrel went that way? I say it went this way. Look at the tracks! He's big too -- D. Philp
  • Hey! I want a kiss! -- Wynema
  • "Spenser!"......"That's not how you're supposed to write your name in the snow!" -- 1-0-1