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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter, Sherman and Stanley: then and now.

February 16, 2010

Big red stuffed Maryland Crab-man has just about bit the dust but look what a nice tug-a-war toy they still have. The boys and their toys got me thinking back to the toys of my childhood, in the mid-60s and early 70s. There were no Legos yet but I had Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. My father played countless games of Racko with me, plus Pickup Sticks and Blockhead. There was Mr. Potato Head, Barrel of Monkeys, Mousetrap and Mystery Date. I had a Barbie and Ken but I also had Hot Wheels and a Tonka jeep. I clearly remember worrying over the fact that Tonka trucks were boys' toys, but my mother, a little ahead of her time, reassured me that Tonka was different - it was also for girls! My sister might accuse me of false memories but I stand by it.