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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

February 19, 2010

Special Walk awaits
Yearning to sniff sweet freedom
Come on Dad, let's roam

Congratulations to Mavy and Ed's Mom-Jennifer
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was Lula in Baltimore for:

Plethora of white,
Add some brown and black pieces,
Beagle puzzle done.

The other haikus:

Handsome In The Snow
Funny Man Behind a Fence
Memories start here -- Sammie & Freckles beagles

Free me of this fence!
let me roam as beagles do
safer behind bars... -- Darlene Main

Evil fence I hate you
but you keep me safe and whole
or I be road kill -- Brady's dad

Alone in the snow
A beagle dog sits forlorn
I need my green grass -- Tinkerbell's mama

No bloom yet on trees
White blankets the earth and yet
Spring teases my nose -- Baci's mom

In the snow I sit
Hoping that spring will come soon
My feet are so cold -- Jed

I am what I am
sitting within my mesh fence
save me save me please -- Junebug's Mom

Beagle by the wire
Pretty soon he'll be barking
Beagle by the wire -- Therese Rasnick - Beagle Mom

Sitting snow Beagle.
Briefly resting after play.
I ignore the cold. -- Lucy M. Beagle

Foreground snowy fence
Stanley expected to pose
This will have to do -- Steve

Handsome Beagle in the snow
His nose always on the go
Snack, sniff and snooze -- Hershey's Mom

What are these bars here?
They think they keep me in here?
I will laugh at them. -- Kramer and Gandolf

Confusion of mind
Am I inside or outside?
I must ask Sherman. -- Buddy M.

I'm ready to play!
But all beagle lovers know,
Don't eat yellow snow! -- anon.

snow covered wire squares
my barrier to freedom
i'm learning to climb -- otis longpaws

Winter white surrounds him
Beagle boy awaits wanting
Special Walk with daddy -- Kim Jackson - abilene

Here I sit alone
In the wet and frozen snow
Please, throw me a bone! -- Erik H.

imprisoned snoopy
shot down behind German lines
will escape tonight -- Jim G. Dallas TX

Where is my buddy?
I want to play in the snow.
I only see white. -- Michele Krause

Blinding white, puffy snow.
Handsome Stanley cannot wait.
Please I ask, let me out. -- kcbeagle

A fence is something
a dog wants to be on the
opposite side of. -- Dotti's person

The snow is always
whiter on the other side
of the fence. N'est pas? -- Sam's person

It's a strange puzzle
on my cute furry muzzle
I want out of here! -- Fanniemae's Mom

White snow and fencing
Here I sit reminenscing
Green grass and Sherman -- Harper & Whisky Girl Beagle

Oh why is the snow
always tastier on the
other side of the fence -- Amy and Roxy

I see the squirrel
He romps down the snowy streets
The fence blocks my way -- Jesse B

This snowy prison
Defies my hunger. Alas!
I can't bite through steel. -- Bean's Buddy

Beagle stands by fence
Dog feet cold in snow like grinch
Please get dog warm boots -- Samantha

A young beagle knows
the snow is always whiter
on the other side. -- N Wiseman

Beagle in the snow
Sees delicious treats in house
Yearns sadly for joy -- Liz Rider

I sit here and wait
Patiently for my master
To come home with treats. -- BestBeagleGirl

Because of this fence --
STUPID FENCE!! -- the snow's whiter
On the other side. -- Paws for Thought

Young beagle, snow drifts..
Wish for more exploration
Foiled by plaid wire fence! -- Elvis & Abbey's mommy

Here I am...beagle
Looking at you looking back
Why can't I get through? -- Amy - Tanker Boo and Izzy B's mom

what am I doing
here in this cold winter snow
get me out of here! -- carolyn campbell

Curse this snowy fence!
Dog treats on the other side
Please give me one now -- Hank

Prison is not nice
I long for Spring and Summer
Too much snow for me -- Barb Shaw

Most beagles would say
Lemon Slurpees are Okay.
Don't eat yellow snow. -- Daisy's Dad

Bars everywhere
but I am free anyway.
Legend in my mind. -- Judy S.

cold snow on fast feet
soft snow drifting on dog pen
heed run on snow clouds -- Lucy's mom

Winter Beagle Stares
Separated By A Fence
How Long 'til Dinner? -- Snoo

business done outdoors
warm bed,snacks and toys await
please let me back in -- Dee

Sorrowful beagle,
contemplating open fields,
yearning to run free. -- Djuna's Mom

why are you crying?
your sweet boys are gone too soon
I will fill your heart -- Susan in NC

get me out of here
why did you put me here joe
you make me mad joe --

Hungry beagle waits
Big fence looks too impeding
Will food fall from sky? -- Scooby's Mom

The snow gets deeper
The fence is getting shorter
It's a MIRACLE! -- Buddy M.

I sit at the fence,
I look out at the world, but
I'm glad to be home. -- Simon and Chloe