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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

July 27, 2001

Today on Clayton Live, we'll kick it up a notch
by making a wonderful banana cream kibble.

Congratulations to Beau Parr, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Rosalie for:
    Clayton reviews his decision to undertake the Kramer Banana Diet.

The other captions:

  • Oh no, She's on to another fad -- C Siding
  • Early experiments in the beagle daiquiri business -- C Siding
  • It's Clayton, not Cheetah. -- C Siding
  • Ungowa, I guess -- C Siding
  • This is not what they mean by a well-balanced diet. -- KK
  • Clayton is reminded of that old saying, "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana". -- Rosalie
  • Um, MOM!!!!! DAD WENT BANANAS AGAIN! -- Rebecca
  • "What are they fostering this time????" -- molly beagle
  • Looks like they went to see Planet of the Apes AGAIN! -- Graham Schreiner
  • I think room service has sent me the wrong order again. -- Carrie Beagle
  • Clayton worries about the number of poodles being smuggled in the country on banana shipments -- Meg Az.
  • How do I make them split so there's room for the ice cream and cherry on top? -- Emmitt's Mom
  • " Im Chaquita Banana and I want to say/Bananas have to ripen in a special way" -- Kiki and Abby
  • Are you trying to say I need more potassium? -- Tropicana
  • Ahh, Bananas Foster... Memories... Bourbon Street... KiKi & GiGi... Do they think about me... -- Barb Shaw
  • Laurie should never have let Clayton watch Monkeybone... -- Gavin Muhlberger
  • Hey! Quit " monkeyin" around with my breakfast! -- kllightcap
  • I know I've put on a little weight, but this is going too far! -- Dan
  • hmmmmm, this smells like my bowl, but where's the beef??? -- Dianne Hanten
  • Surely that medication I'm taking is not to turn me into a monkey!? -- Lisa C.
  • But my magic manual says "Alakazam" turns kibble into ROASTBEEF! -- bageldog
  • I said if you didn't feed me, I'd GO bananas. I didn't say I'd EAT bananas!!! -- Becky F.
  • Please Lord, give me the strength to ignore! -- Joie
  • Planet of the WHAT??? -- Cathy S.
  • "Come Mr. Tallyman - tally me banana!!" -- Virginia Michaels and Lady Beagle
  • Bananas?! I don't want no stinkin bananas! -- Dee and Max
  • Do "I" look like a monkey to you???? -- D. Philp
  • Do I look like an elephant? -- cherim
  • Who does she think I am? A monkey's uncle??? -- Cara
  • .. if I drop the peels on the kitchen floor around dinner time--uh oh, someone's coming, act natural -- TjL
  • I swear I can outstare you and I am going to prove it, so help me Dog! -- Pistol
  • The ONE thing a beagle WON'T could be the 8th wonder of the world....... -- Jenny in Illinois (Candy's mom)
  • I'm getting the idea that Mom and Dad want me to eat healthier... -- Melissa
  • Where is the ice cream and carmel topping when you need it? -- Hunter
  • Somehow, I expected better cuisine at Club Med -- Kate K
  • Goodie! Breakfast in bed. Now, all I need are opposable thumbs... -- Spike
  • Do I look like I'm from Planet of the Apes? -- Joan
  • Clayton waits for the remake of "Planet of the Beagles" -- KK
  • Okay enough with the monkey chow... Where's the beef? -- Terry Howell
  • Are You My Mommy??? -- JP from Columbus, Ohio
  • "Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana...." -- Lisa C.
  • Uh, Hello... I'm a beagle, not a gorilla! --
  • Watch out for that Hound!! -- Jane
  • THIS! Not for me. -- Howard Knoebel
  • This is it for dinner? Do I look like a monkey or what! -- C. Webb
  • I'm not a monkey......really! -- Charlie & Angie Beagle
  • Do I look like Carmen Miranda??? -- J
  • "Wow....bananas smell GOOD..." -- Al-Tariq
  • I wish I had thumbs to peel these thins, I hate eating the skins. -- kerrythistle
  • Clayton pulls an all-nighter cramming for his USDA Beagle Brigade exam -- K. Spivey
  • "Do I eat it, pee on it or hump it?" -- Meg R.
  • Are we expecting Dr. Zira and Cornelius for dinner? -- kkjazz
  • Your next stunt on Beagle Fear Factor... You must peel these bananas without opposable thumbs. -- Our Spencer Beagle
  • Hi! I am a bananna sniffing birthday Beagle, I will be ready to come home in four weeks! -- Love from Dad and Nondis
  • These don't look or smell like our usual beagle cookies. -- Spencer Beagle's Mommy
  • Clayton's recipe for beagle banana bread has been handed down from generation to generation. -- Tim Sousa
  • Clayton is pretty sure that banana's are *not* part of that B.A.R.F. diet. -- Rosalie
  • Are we expecting a visit from George W. Bush? -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • "Why does this remind me of July 25th?" -- Casey Gooddog
  • hmmm.......these things smell like cat -- brittany : )
  • "What happened to the rest of Carmen Miranda?" -- Meg Gooddog
  • sure wish i was a monkey -- samantha
  • Clayton tries out for the Beagle Brigade. -- J. Syron
  • My bowl runneth over... with BANANAS?! -- Lumpy Krishna
  • I'll be in trouble if I eat these, but they wouldn't notice that one was missing -- brittany cowell
  • after watching the new cartoon, Bananna man, Clayton is torn what to do. Eat bananna man or starve. -- buster beagle (nj's king stud)
  • Those humans must think I've gone bananas! -- Angie Beagle
  • Clayton eyes the bananas after devouring the rest of the 'Fruit of the Loom' guys -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • "Who are you calling 'Banana Nose"? -- Virginia, D & C
  • NO IceCream or Hot fudge ? These bananas can just split. ! -- sam,zoey and romeo