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July 18, 2003

Noticing a pork chop at the bottom of the pool,
Scooter inadvertently enters the 400 meter freestyle

Congratulations to Loved by a Beagle,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Beagles R Us for

    A recurring nightmare comes true as Scooter realizes too late he forgot his Speedo.

The other captions:

  • Suddenly, Scooter remembers he forgot his goggles. -- beaglefax
  • In his excitement to be chosen for the relay, Scooter forgets to take off his collar. -- beagleraven
  • "Um, where's my swimsuit?" -- beaglefan
  • Uh Oh! Scooter will be disappointed when he's disqualified for forgetting his Speedo -- Burt Peabody
  • With the 100-meter backstroke pre-lims behind him, Scooter advances to the women's freestyle... -- Scootersaurus
  • Oh No, I think Spenser piddled in the pool agan! -- sam,zoey and romeo
  • Scooter's first step in making the Olympic team! -- Melissa
  • Now swimming for Team Beagle in the doggie paddle potion of the IM ... -- mollymoo
  • Super beagle!! Lane #3 !! Ahead by a nose.. -- Lady & Tramp Catania
  • scooter takes the lead in the diving for doo-doo competition -- molly eng
  • This is one competitor who'll never lose by a nose. -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • Scooter hits the water first to demonstrate the real doggie paddle. -- Blu's momma
  • Last one to get the cookie at the bottom is a rotten egg!!! -- Amber
  • The monthly flea dip catches on for humans! -- Marc Baltimore
  • And they're off..... The dog paddle race of the year! -- Kate
  • Always the bragger, it was finally time to back it up. -- Dave G
  • My Speedo!!!! I forgot my Speedo. -- Judy S.
  • After an initial false start, Scooter enters the water ahead by a nose. -- molly's mom
  • From the New York Times: GIANT BEAGLE VIES FOR PLACE ON OLYMPIC TEAM. -- Meg Gooddog
  • Who is that good looking beagle staring at me in the water? -- jean
  • Oops! What happened to my front legs???? -- Spike & Sara Lee
  • Mom's been going hogwild with the new version of Photoshop... -- Spike
  • Scooter Pie takes an early lead. He is expected to use his dog paddle stroke in this race. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • the things you gotta do for a snack! -- Catiebelle
  • "I want to be a professional diver, too!"
  • First one in gets the golden milkbone. -- Emmitt and Sammi's Mom
  • And the beagle is ahead by a nose before they enter the pool! -- D. Philp
  • Don't pee in the pool . . . Don't pee in the pool . . . Gotta remember: don't pee in the pool -- Mosh Pit
  • Nice legs and great rudder on the swimmer on the left! -- Julie's kids
  • Beagle Olympics 2003! -- Cheryl Smith
  • Olympic Committee finally recognizes the 4x100m Doggy-Paddle Relay as an Official Event. -- Prada, who just got back from Vancouver *wink*
  • Point Blank: If I lose, I'm peeing in this pool! -- Prada's evil clone
  • Oh Crap! I forgot my goggles!! -- Prada's Daddy
  • Dogzilla enters the 100 meter dogpaddle. -- Puddentain
  • hence the origin of the colloquial term "Swimmer's Ear" -- Prada's Grandpappy as he sees it
  • Anything a Spitz can do a beagle can do better! -- MeetTheBeagles
  • Something tells me it will take more than a "dog paddle" to win this one! -- Bogie's Mom Hard at Work
  • Scooter discovered what happened to the Munchkins after "The Wizard of Oz" closed production. -- Meg Gooddog
  • The start of the 200 meter dog paddle event! -- Mo & Abbey's mom
  • What a perfect start - head down, legs fully extended and a slight arch at the tip of his tail. -- sully3
  • Scooter searches for his Speedo in vain. -- Rio & Taylor
  • Swimming where no dog has swum before - Oriental style -- Bobbie
  • Heh! And they think they have a chance! -- Carolyn Jaramillo
  • Scooter senses that the Beagle maxim of "always lead with your nose" could cost him the race -- Tory & JT
  • Finalists in the 50m dogpaddle... -- lelak
  • photoshop -- Howard & Molly
  • .... AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!!!! -- Girly Beagle
  • Already ahead by a nose, Scooter dives into the Olympic dog paddle race -- Barb Caddy
  • And there's the starting gun Jim. We've really got some stiff competition in today's 1000-meter Dog Paddlin' Challenge. Keep your eyes on the favorite, the Beagle from the United States." - RBW (Texas Beagles)
  • Hey! Is that a quarter? -- beagledad77
  • Taking the Poochie Plunge -- Jackie E.
  • In spite of a perfect start off the blocks, Scooter "DQ's" for attempting to swim the girl's 200 IM. -- Nancy, Wayne, and Andy Peppercorn
  • And they're off -- az beagle mo
  • False Start -- Paul
  • The beagle takes the lead!! -- Brianne
  • Man Overboard!! -- Sandi Hess, BG, Kentucky
  • Scooter says: "Too much time in PhotoShop!" -- dev9
  • disqualified for doing the dog paddle -- Lynn Hansen