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July 5, 2007

Will you look at the tongues on those beagles? They're unbelievable. And in unison! Okay, now Courtney and Mike are scheduled to come home on Sunday, but if I can get these girls hooked up with some kind of travelling circus gig before then, I think I'm just going to go ahead and do it. Wouldn't you?

I hope everyone had a nice day off yesterday, if you had the day off. Phillip cleaned out the garage (while watching Revolutionary War shows on The History Channel, I have been instructed to mention this). The garage is actually not for our cars, instead it is his woodworking shop. Why is that? Because the people who built this house didn't bother to put in the top four feet of the basement, no, they decided that crawling would be sufficient and so only made the basement three feet tall. So Phillip's shop is in the garage where he freezes in the winter and swelters in the summer. The people who built this house were, how shall we say, oh why not, wacko! They put an enormous hottub indoors in what is now Phillip's office. None of the windows are standard sized and we have a ridiculous and expensive to maintain mansard roof. They put down brown and orange wall-to-wall carpeting even in the KITCHEN. This is the truth, my friends. For two long and unhappy weeks I had carpeting in my kitchen. But I digress. I didn't do too much yesterday except walk around all day thinking it was Sunday. You did that too, am I right?