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July 6, 2007

Pension plans, petroleum products, pest control.....PET FOOOOOOOOD!!!

Congratulations to Kim - beagle mommy
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was 1-0-1 for:

Let's see now, which Pizzeria will accept Text Messaging.

The other captions:

  • Hmm, dog food, dog food, dog food. Here it is. -- Jay Ranck
  • I'm gonna tear that Vet's number out .... -- Dylan's mum
  • Let Your Paws Do The Walking -- Fred Heifert
  • I know these yellow pages will be blamed on me -- beagle bill
  • Darn! Forgot my reading glasses! -- Karen Klein
  • GREAT! Domino's does deliver! -- Phoebe's Mom
  • peatsa.....peetsa.....huh? it is! -- molly eng
  • Let your nose do the walking -- Rusty's Dad
  • What??? No listing for milkbones in bulk? -- Rusty's Mom
  • Without my reading glasses, it's impossible to find the number for the Greenie delivery place... -- Spike & Sara
  • Hmmm, I think I want chicken fingers with fried rice, let's see, what's the number? -- Jed
  • With Clayton stuck in the venus phone book, the evil Plastic Man emerges from his hiding place. -- David
  • "Spenser, are you sure the name was "Dial a Beagle Babe"?" -- Jenna
  • Where is the number for deer poop delivery? -- tricolor dog
  • Pizza, pizza, pizza? -- Maggy & Ruby Yanda
  • Hello, Tony's Pizza. We'll have 4 large pies please, and put them on our account. -- Susan K, Nikki and Esmee
  • Remodeling, Repossessing, Reprographics, Restaurant, Domino's Pizza -- Subject of the Beagle Triangle.
  • Forget calling Dominos, I think someone dropped some crumbs! -- Tim Sousa
  • I wonder which pizza company delivers? Whose on speed dial? -- Mitsi's Mom
  • Let's see . . . ATMs, Pet food, taxis - that should do it. -- Gumbo & Lulu
  • Why have speed dial if you aren't listing any pizza delivery restaurants? -- CGS
  • AT &T. Your pizza delivered! -- CGS
  • Don't we have a Beagle Pages phone book? -- CGS
  • If only I could find my bifocals so I could read this manual on how to use the remote. -- Rusty-Mans Momma
  • 'Scaffolders'......'Scholars'..... Ah ha.... 'Scooby Snacks - 24 hour' -- maggie moo's mum
  • Holy Cow! Greenie delivery services! -- Cody fan club
  • I'll call for a Snausage pizza. -- BestBeagleGirl
  • Looking for love... in all the wrong places -- Lady & Tramp
  • If you're not going to order me pizza, I'll do it myself! -- Ted Novak
  • SOMEONE HAS TO DELIVER BATTERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- KELLIE LIGHTCAP
  • Ralphs Pizza, Three Brothers Pizza, Vinnies Pizza.....too many choices! -- Brandy and Melissa
  • Dangit! Why can't I find any listings for Kookie Stores? There has to be one nearby! -- Ike's sister
  • I feel like Chinese tonight... -- Steve
  • Where are the biscuit dealers? -- Elizabeth Rider
  • "Hello, Barnum & Bailey? I'm the agent for 'Tootsie, Buttercup & Their Amazing Tongues'.... " -- Susan H.
  • A-ha, here it is! "Dogfooz-R-Us. Wholesale Bulk Kibble - We Deliver!" -- J2's Mom
  • I know that place that delivers steaks & chops is listed in here somewhere. -- Alec's mom.
  • Where's the phone number for take-out?! -- Michele Krause
  • What was the number for that Moo Shoo Pork place? -- rdogzot
  • Where did we get that pizza from last time? -- Chester and Diana Beagle's Mommy
  • Should I order pizza or chinese food? -- Samantha
  • Where is the phone number for gourmet dog treat delivery? How about some peanut butter bones yum! -- Samantha
  • Pi....Pi....Pizz....How do you spell Pizza again?! -- Keli sister of many beagles
  • Who's up for pizza? -- Crystal
  • One of these pet stores must deliver treats! -- Carl Ragland
  • Instead of having your fingers do the walking, let your NOSE do the sniffing! -- Carol
  • you don't have to look it up... just press the pound key! -- james
  • Here it is..home delivery service for dog treats! -- Sunny's Mom
  • Yep there it many pizzas do we want guys?!! -- QT Pi
  • After reaching a melting point the call to B.A. (Beggars Anonymous) was made. -- jellybean
  • I wonder if they deliver Sushi? -- Abbey and Mo's Mommy
  • No food left in the house. Mom and Dad forgot to shop. Must call ASPCA. -- Mo Beagle
  • Do you spell 'dogfood' with a Z or a Q? -- Judy S
  • Clayton sniffs out the Thai restaurant section of the Yellow Pages. -- Scooby's Mom
  • Pizza Express. Oh, where are my glasses? -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Lemme see . . . Aha, found it! Clicker Repair -- CecilB's Mom
  • Drat! Where are my reading glasses when I need them!? -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • I was only trying to fly! I broke Mom's best vase & I can't find "Fixer" in the yellow pages! -- Bonnie
  • I know there is a bulk food store somewhere -- brian potter
  • Ah, there it is. Mountain Dew Home Delivery: 555-4274 -- Sammy and Bosco
  • Ahhh - there you are! Puppy Pizza Palace, 555-AROO. I sure hope they can deliver! -- M. Wold
  • Pictures, Pillows, Pipes.....PIZZA!!! -- Rosco's Mom
  • Let's see...M, N, O..oh yeah! P for Pizza! -- Cathey Rafferty
  • I wish Dad would stop taking my reading glasses -- 1-0-1
  • What's the number for Petco? I need a new bone. -- CC
  • I'm sure I can find someone to fix the vase I broke before Mom and Dad find it...... -- Buddy the Beagle in Melbourne, Australia
  • quick what is the emergency number to Pizza Hut!! -- ma
  • does any one know how to spell greenies? -- Maverick and Eddie's Mom
  • What's the number for the nearest pizza shop??? -- Beaglemeister195
  • Whoops! Better rip out the page that says 'VET' -- Beaglemeister195
  • let your nose do the walking... -- amiejade