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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

July 9, 2007

As far as I know, Tootsie doesn't have a boyfriend, so if any of you boy beagles (or girl, we're equal opportunity here at the DD) out there want her email address, just let me know. She and her sister Buttercup went home last night after a fun week at Camp Kramer. Tootsie has two gears: high and off. When off, she could usually be found on the back of the couch where she keeps an eye on things and if Phillip or I came within range she'd wag her tail furiously in approval. If she heard a sound from outside Tootsie shifted instantly into high gear, leaping from the couch and through the doggy door in an explosion of howling. Buttercup always joined her, beagles in sisterhood and all that. They'd run to the fence, continue their conversation with whatever or whomever, then, after a quick perimeter check, head back in. You could practically see Clayton and Spenser raising their eyebrows during these little frenzies. "We barked at them for six years. Gave it up. Switched to yoga. Blood pressure down thirty points. Try it and see."

P.S. Very happy news to report: Courtney and Mike (Tootsie and Buttercup's parents) are going to have a baby, of the two-legged variety! Congratulations!