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July 26, 2007

I married a comedian. Wait, scratch that, I married an otoneurologist! What, you ask, is an otoneurologist? Well, an otoneurologist is a neurologist who specializes in the inner ear, or more specifically the vestibular or balance system. Phillip's patients are all dizzy! As you can imagine it is a very specialized field and there are maybe 75 otoneurologists in the United States, which is not good news if you are dizzy. Finding an otoneurologist is tough enough but then try getting an appointment. If you call today you won't get in to see Phillip until the fall. That sucks big time if you're dizzy. Some people assume I'm in medicine too and I'm not sure why, although I have learned a lot of big words by osmosis. Nope, I'm in a field with another big name, though: bioinformatics. This means I write software for biologists, specifically molecular biologists who generate copious amounts of data from microarray experiments. It's not as exciting as otoneurology so I'll leave it at that but add that I write this software at Princeton University which is a glorious place to work. Where else can one share a lane at the pool with the mathematician who solved Fermat's Last Theorem? Yes, I have shared a lane with Andrew Wiles, and I wonder if HE knows what an otoneurologist is!