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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

July 30, 2007

I told you last Wednesday that Spenser was due for a bath and he did have one, just before Clayton, but the batteries in the camera were dead so it went unphotographed. While Phillip toweled Spenser I switched batteries and then took over the soap and hose. And so, for your Monday viewing pleasure, I give you: "Clayton takes a bath."

Clayton doesn't like a bath, what beagle does? But he is stoic and resigned to his fate. It was pretty hot out yesterday and the water wasn't too cold, so I didn't feel at all guilty not giving them a warm bath in the tub inside. Look at that cute little boy. He was probably thinking about the treat he would get when this was finished. Or maybe wondering if he could afford a lawyer.

You all know what this means, right? It's the international sign to STEP AWAY FROM THE DOG or else you are going to get very wet.

Clayton might be thirteen but he can still shake it out with the best of them. Isn't that tucked tail just too cute? And check out Spenser, you'd never know he had suffered the same indignity just minutes before.

Still pretty wet, though.

Are your beagles like mine? Once the water portion is over they think that the bath has formerly concluded and they are free to leave. No matter that they are dripping, soaking wet; each time you have to remind them about the benefits of a brisk toweling. Round about now, Scooter would begin his laps around the yard, a blur of red and white against the trees, a dog utterly possessed.

Even after two towels, Clayton remains unmistakably moist.

So when I go inside and find the poor little guy shivering I cover him up with a dry towel which he wears majestically into the late afternoon. Clean and dry, another bath well done!