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June 4, 2008

Who hasn't spent a guilty but fun hour at work looking at Google Maps? I love Google Maps! And I thought it would be fun to show you where we live. Our property is long and narrow, 5-1/4 acres in total. Now all that greenery makes sense, huh? That vast expanse to the right is owned in part by our neighbor and in part by Rutgers University. Phillip has spent many an hour running around there with his tracking device looking for our AWOL dog.

Here you can see our house at the bottom of the yellow swatch and our pond (which we share with our weird neighbor). The red lines are the high tension wires that I was telling you about the other week. That's why there is a clearing (the meadow) beneath them, because the electric company won't let us grow any trees there. See that little green spot between the topmost and middle red lines? Gone as of last month.

Yes, that is definitely Phillip's truck and I wish it was as unimposing in the driveway as it is from the satellite. (Sorry, dear!)

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