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Clayton, Spenser and Scooter: then and now.

June 5, 2009

I feel guilty telling you the day after I showed you the box with Spenser's ashes that we are going to look at a couple of beagles tomorrow at the SOS Beagle Rescue here in NJ. But the fact of the matter is, Clayton needs a companion, and we want to have more more than one dog. Phillip reports that in the morning Clayton follows him to the door, then goes outside to watch him drive away. The boys used to stay firmly planted on the couch. In the evening he seems restless, going outside, coming inside, going outside, etc. And as for us? We do not expect that any dog will ever be a replacement for Spenser (or Scooter), and we will always hold them tightly in our hearts. But we have a lot of love to share. Maybe tomorrow we'll find a dog to share it with. I'll post an update by Sunday.

Please welcome Sherman! He's three years and a bundle of love! More tomorrow...