The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

March 7, 2003

Researchers at The Sleep Center test the
comfort of the "sleep cubicle theorem".

Congratulations to SidneyRoo Crowder,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was ChiefBellyScratcher for:

    Clayton demonstrates proper protection against biological weapons.

The other captions:

  • Unfortunately, beagles are susceptible to cushion's syndrome. -- Dawn Eng
  • The accomodations are a bit cramped in this hotel. -- rusty blue
  • Police booking photos for beagles are done a little differently. -- molly b. eng
  • Canine version of the bundling board. -- Molly, Spritzer and Loodi
  • Some beags in their natural habitat. -- J. Syron
  • Nap Fest '03 -- Emmitt's Mom
  • primitive beagle sound-proofing experiments... -- dad-o'-beagie
  • Bumper Beagles -- TjL
  • Building Your Personal Space Tip #4,258 -- TjL
  • Practice is heating up for the 2004 Olympic Event "Synchronized Snoozing" -- TjL
  • "Loveseat... HA! I've love it more if it were a bit longer!!!" -- TjL
  • beagle bookends! -- Patty Catania
  • Winners of the Annual Beagle Mirror Image Contest -- Susan, Mickey, and Misty
  • "Bumper Beagles" - a new game designed specifically for the puzzle enthusiast! -- Barb Shaw
  • After watching the classic Brady Bunch episode, the boys decide to split the room down the middle. -- Sammie Beagle
  • Maybe this will protect me from Beagle breeze. -- Joan
  • Now boys intill you can play nice the pillows aren't going away. -- BeAgLe_LoVeR
  • It smells so bad without the pillow -- Howard Knoebel
  • MOM! Spenser's tail is touching MY side! -- georgesmom
  • Next time I'll pay the extra for first class!! -- PJ Beagle in MI
  • "Good fences make good neighbors." -- Casey M. Gooddog
  • Sibling Rivalry " Make Sure You Stay on Your Side" -- Dotti Antis
  • Ahhh a couch cushion of one's own. -- Amy and Roxy
  • These sleeping compartments get smaller and smaller every year! -- Phil S.
  • double blind study of napping Beagles -- Bobbie
  • Your baby will love these cuddly beagle pillows, and they also pick up graham cracker crumbs! -- Dawn Eng
  • another personal space invasion, can't anyone just leave me alone -- paul beagle and collie dad
  • Welcome back to the dating game. It's Molly's turn to choose!! Will it be contestant #1 or #2? -- Kramer and Kate
  • Beagles with Borders -- Melissa
  • Bookends -- Becky - beaglemom
  • You stay on your side of the pillow, and I'll stay on mine. -- Becky - beaglemom
  • The Dynamic Duo rests while Scooter washes the Beaglemobile. -- beaglefax
  • A three seater may fit better -- Kerry
  • Ah, that tanning light is, please set the timer for another 20 minutes! -- lucy beagles
  • Tri-Colored beagle parking only. -- Tim Sousa
  • A Chiropractor's nightmare in progress. -- Sean Davis
  • Hey move over! -- Joann
  • Clayton realizes too late that he should have sprung for 1st class instead of economy. -- Boulder Beagles
  • Clayton and Spenser Join Dilbert in Cubicle Madness -- Aspen Lowood
  • Isn't There anything else on TV? -- Linda Kochenderfer
  • Brothers. Sometimes you just don't wanna see them or have them touch you! -- Meg R.
  • Asleep in their cubicles, Spenserbert and Claytonbert are easy targets for The Boss's wrath -- Raffles and Cressie
  • I dreamed someone put a pillow by my head and then there was this bright light... -- beagiemom
  • Powerful microscope gives scientist first look at beagle DNA -- Hildy's mom
  • Michelangelo and assistant rest after long day painting Sistine Chapel -- Mom o' Beagle
  • Throw pillow testing at the beagle institute of bedding ! -- nwrednk
  • Hope you didn't have beans for breakfast this morning! -- Meg De Borger
  • Mother thought it best to separate the boys for their naptime. -- Rascal the Greyhound, Sonny and Squirt the skippypees
  • The struggle to survive Winter continues. -- John
  • Unable to secure single rooms at the Newark Hilton, these Kramer beagles decided to share a double. -- Dick Goodman
  • I hate when he has gas ! -- Bill Herndon
  • Gaaal I don't want your but in my face. It's bad enough I have to smell it. -- Kassandra Tapley
  • Its like this pillow has extra cushioning! -- layke
  • Good fences make good neighbors - but don't push it! -- Shasta
  • Clayton tries out his new sofa, with the optional pillow warmer -- LadyBeagle
  • If I fall you're coming with me! -- Shaunna
  • If if wasn't for the pillow, I wouldn't get anywhere near this close to that rump! -- Leatrice Sorem
  • "It's a dog's life alright" -- Josh Sewell
  • AHH ! This pillow testing job is the best "gig" yet !!! -- nwrednk
  • Sears' newest sectional sofa, $299 (pillows not included) -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia
  • Have you ever seen a Laddie go this way, and that way........ -- Beagle Kramer
  • a beagle sandwich -- lucy
  • Collectible beagle bookends! Act fast, supplies are limited. Only $19.95. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • This sure is the life!!! -- Megan Johnson
  • United we conquer, divided we.......sleep -- cindybeagle
  • After yet another argument, the boys are separated and sent to their sofa for a nap. -- Rascal the Greyhound, Sonny and Squirt the skippypees
  • smells better with the pillow here -- Howard & Molly
  • He's touching me! -- Barbara Clark
  • I have GOT to get my own place one of these days... -- Jasper, Daisy, and Julia Wonderlin